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Why does the Saudi regime give out its people’s money to the disbelievers?

Well, today, the Islamic community is suffering from certain problems, just like other communities. You should look at the world of Islam and see what is happening. In the world of Islam, some worthless, incompetent and mean individuals have taken the fate of Islamic societies in their hands. For example, the governments that you witness – the Saudis and the like – are like this. This is because of drifting away from the Holy Quran. This is because of unfamiliarity with Quranic truths. Part of this originates from unfamiliarity and part of it is because of lack of faith.

Of course, they believe in the Holy Quran on the face of it. Sometimes, they publish a million copies of the Holy Quran and they distribute them among the people for free, but they do not believe in any way in the content, meaning and concepts of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran says, "Those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, but compassionate amongst each other" [The Holy Quran, 48: 29]. But they are "Strong against believers, but compassionate with unbelievers and kufar" [speaking in Arabic].



You should take a look to see in what conditions they are. They are friendly with and interested in kufar and they give them money out of their nations' property. They themselves do not have any money. Whom does the money that they have and that has been accumulated in their bank accounts – which are astronomical and legendary in amount – belong to? Where does it come from? They have not inherited this money from their fathers. This money comes from oil revenues. It is money earned from below-the-ground sources. It comes from national sources of wealth. Instead of being spent on improving the people's lives, it is being accumulated in their bank accounts and they use it for personal and private matters. And they offer it to kufar and to the people's enemies: "And they have taken for worship gods other than Allah, to give them power and glory! Instead, they shall reject their worship, and become adversaries against them" [The Holy Quran, 19: 81-82].

These idiots think that they can win the love of the enemies of Islam by giving them money and by helping them and the like. This is while there is no love. As they themselves have said, they are like dairy cows. They milk them and when the milking is over, they slaughter them. This is today's condition of the world of Islam. They treat the enemies like that, but they treat the people of Yemen and the people of Bahrain like this. They behave towards them in an anti-religious manner.

Of course, they will be destroyed. When you look at appearances, you should not be deceived by them. They will be gone. They are destructible and perishable: "For falsehood is by its nature bound to perish" [The Holy Quran, 17: 81]. They are examples of falsehood and they will surely witness destruction, downfall, disaster and decline. There is no doubt about this. Of course, this might be done a little while sooner or later. This depends on the performance of believers and the believing community. If they act correctly, this will be done sooner, but if they do not act correctly, this will be done at a later time, but it will surely be done. Both they and those on whom they have pinned their hopes will be destroyed.   

May 27, 2017


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