We will throw out thugs like Netanyahu

In the statements of our late Imam (may God bestow paradise upon him) and those of the officials of the Islamic Republic, the eradication of the Israeli government has been frequently repeated. However, the enemies distort this issue. The eradication of the Israeli government does not mean the eradication of the Jewish people, we have nothing to do with that.  It means the eradication of that government and that imposed regime. The eradication of Israel means that it is the people of Palestine – the true owners of that land: whether Muslims, Christians or Jews in that land – who should elect the main elements of their government. It means that they should throw out foreigners, thugs and criminals like Netanyahu and other such individuals - who are real thugs - and they should run their own country. This is what the eradication of Israel means.

And this will happen. Some people think it unlikely asking how Palestine can become independent after the passage of 70 years. However, in the Balkans and in other countries, they became independent after 60, 70 years during which time their country had been occupied by others. Their lands were given back to their people. So, this is not unlikely. “And this is not difficult for Allah the Mighty.” [The Holy Quran, 14: 20] This will happen.

We are the supporters of the Palestinians. We are advocates of the independence of Palestine. We are advocates of the salvation of Palestine and we are not anti-Jewish people. In our own country, there are many Jews who live in complete security. This was another point.

Nov 15, 2019


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