Students' Day

Dec. 7th: Killing of students opposed to the US coup by Pahlavi

The students of the country have recorded an excellent and brilliant performance in the revolutionary era. This has been the case since the beginning of the Revolution. Of course, before the Revolution too – during the time of revolutionary activities – students had an active presence, but what was seen and manifested clearly and what became a factor for the progress of the country was student activities after the Revolution. Jul 2, 2016

The university students' movement is anti-Arrogance in nature

The student movement has a very interesting history in our country. I am stressing this issue because it should continue and it is not a movement that can be stopped. The country is in such conditions and the Islamic Republic has such a make-up, characteristics and traits that they need this movement to be by their side.

In the recorded and well-known history of our country, this student movement has always been against arrogance, domination, dictatorship and oppression and it has always sought justice. These have been the distinctive characteristics of our student movement from the first day until today. If someone claims to support this student movement, but lacks these characteristics, then they are not honest. The student movement cannot be in the hands of those individuals who cooperate with the perpetrators of massacres in Palestine, with criminals in Iraq and with murderers in Afghanistan. This is not the student movement.

The nature and characteristic of student movements - at least in our country - is that they are against arrogance, domination and dictatorship and that they are advocates of justice. Perhaps in many other countries too, student movements are like this. The beginning of this movement or the known date for its beginning is the 16th of Azar. Dec 14, 2008


The 7th of December should be identified with which characteristics in our history?

It is noteworthy to say that the 16th of Azar of the year 1332[December 7, 1953] - when three students were murdered in a bloody event - happened almost four months after the 28th of Mordad. That is to say, after the coup d’état of the 28th of Mordad and after that intense suppression of all forces, this led to an explosion of the students in the University of Tehran. Why did this happen? It was because Nixon, who was the vice-president of America at the time, had come to Iran. Therefore, these students held a strike and demonstration in the environment of the university as a protest to America and Nixon who were the agents of the coup d’état of the 28th of Mordad.

Of course, they were suppressed and three of them were killed. So, every year, the 16th of Azar is known for such characteristics. The 16th of Azar belongs to those students who are against Nixon, America and domination. Dec 14, 2008





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