Trump in Afghanistan

Why does POTUS allow himself to enter regional countries without permission?

The system of domination is basically against freedom and justice. The system of domination is a term that we introduced to politics: the system of domination means the system of oppressors, a system that is headed by the oppressors who divide the world into two parts: one part is formed of oppressors and the other is formed of the oppressed - there is not any third option. There is not any independent party. Such is the system of domination. It is both against freedom and justice.

As you can see, it is against justice: in those rich countries ruled by the system of domination – countries such as the US and some European countries which are wealthy – people die of hunger on the streets. In the summer, they die of heat on the streets. In the winter, they die of cold on the streets. A large part of the wealth in such countries belongs to a small group of people. The rest have to sweat hard in order to find sustenance and stay alive. Yet those who do not have that capability, well they should live on the streets! Therefore, it is against justice. This is related to the affairs of their own countries. As for the people in other countries, they display injustice as much as they can.

It is against freedom as well. The most important kind of freedom for a nation is the public freedom of countries – in other words, independence. Once, I said that independence means the freedom of nations. When we speak about freedom, we are speaking about the freedom of nations so that they can freely do what they want to do. The system of domination is against such freedom. One day with colonialism, another day with neo-colonialism and today with modern methods – the methods used in soft wars – they create a disastrous situation for nations.

Of course, wherever necessary, they bring their armed forces to the arena and they do not have any scruples whatsoever. In the present time, the Americans have entered the eastern part of the Euphrates in Syria and they say they are there for the sake of oil! Is that area your home? It belongs to another country, but they say that they have shown their presence because there is oil there and that they have come for oil! They do not feel embarrassed to acknowledge this and they say it openly.

Or they enter a country such as Iraq without any permission. They do not seek the permission of the government of that country and they do not go to the capital, rather they go to their own bases because they have some bases there! This signifies that they officially insult the freedom and independence of nations. So, the system of domination is both anti-justice and anti-freedom.

Nov 27, 2019


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