Imam Khamenei

Four tricks of US Arrogance against the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian people

The United States has used every pressure lever against the Islamic Republic, but to no avail. The great hue and cry that is currently being raised by Washington and its show of force are part of the nature of all arrogant powers, which are in the habit of threatening and intimidating other nations.

In fact, the arrogant powers derive most of their strength from threats and intimidation. First, they demoralize other nations by terrorizing and intimidating them, and then they impose their demands on them.

The U.S. does not have the power to attack other countries without suffering heavy losses and without paying a high price for its military aggression. Therefore, before Washington decides to attack other countries, the White House officials will make sure that their military aggression will prove successful, and that they will not receive a slap on the face. In other words, the U.S. would never risk attacking a country where it is likely to face a strong resistance.

As far as the Islamic Republic is concerned, the United States has already tried all its options against the brave and steadfast Iranian nation, but it has never succeeded in fulfilling its goals. However, U.S. officials are still seeking to achieve certain objectives with regard to our country and our faithful people.

1. Creating conflict and despondency between government officials

Their first objective is to weaken the strong determination of our government officials by fomenting discord and division among them in order to prevent the Iranian government, which has raised the banner of Islam in this country, from solving the problems of the people and fulfilling their needs. In other words, they intend to make the Iranian people disappointed with the Islamic system in order to prepare the ground for restoring their domination of this country. Presently, they are making the most of their media and propaganda machine to achieve this objective.

2. Weakening the beliefs of the people and making them hopeless about the future

The second goal being pursued by the United States is to undermine the motives, aspirations and beliefs of the Iranian people, which are the major factors contributing to their solidarity and their resistance against the enemies. The U.S. is also making every effort to portray the future of this nation as bleak and gloomy. Again, Washington is using the international media to accomplish this goal.

It is worthy of mention that the international media and means of mass communication, including the news agencies, radios, televisions and mass-circulation dailies and magazines, are mostly owned and controlled by capitalists and multinational conglomerates, namely the main pillars of the global arrogance. These media play a major role in manipulating world public opinion and in furthering the interests of their owners. The reports published or aired by these media are usually prepared in such a way as to pose no harm to the interests of the global arrogance.

3. Eliminating national unity

Above all, the United States is trying to weaken unity in this country, both our national unity and the unity among our government officials. In order to undermine our national unity, Washington is seeking to create political, religious and ethnic walls between different groups and levels of the Iranian society. The Islamic Revolution demolished all these walls, which existed in society under the former regime, and brought about national unity, but the U.S. is trying to build the same walls again in our society.

Furthermore, by bringing up and giving prominence to trivial and diversionary issues through its propaganda machine, the United States aims to foment discord and weaken unity among our government officials. The U.S. administration claims to support certain officials or political groups of the Islamic Republic, while the fact is that it is opposed to the Islamic system as a whole.

Despite all this, U.S. officials know very well themselves that their plots and hostilities against our country and against our nation are not likely to yield any results. Indeed, as long as we remain vigilant, and as long as we face up to our responsibilities, all of the enemy's plots are doomed to fail.

4. Depicting a frightened nation

Presently, some daunted and dispirited elements, influenced by the negative propaganda of the global arrogance, are trying to insinuate that the Iranian people have lost their hopes and aspirations. These elements are publishing rigged opinion polls in order to convey this false notion.

On the contrary, the Iranian nation, which has the largest young population compared with other nations in the world, does not seem disheartened at all, and our youngsters are all full of hope, energy and motivation.

Two major mobilizations are necessary in our country. The first once concerns our youngsters, who should try to increase their scientific knowledge, purify themselves morally and spiritually and keep themselves in good shape through physical training.

They should also preserve their high spirits and be prepared to defend their country and safeguard the honor and dignity of their nation. Besides, they should make every effort to keep the flag of Islam hoisted in this country, since all problems could be solved by enforcing the Islamic law in society.

Fortunately, our young generation have great talent and potential and, contrary to the wishes of our enemies, they are ready to defend their country, their Islamic system and their national honor and dignity whenever it is necessary to do so.


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