Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei's view on polygamy

Following certain viewpoints and interpretations on the subject of polygamy being attributed to Imam Khamenei, and considering the impact of this on matters related to the family and social principles, the department of women and family studies of (Reyhaneh) will discuss the decree and opinion of Imam Khamenei on this matter in brief.

According to Imam Khamenei, and based on reliable religious arguments, polygamy for men is “mubah” (neutral in terms of recommendation), but it is not “mustahab” (a recommended action). However, according to the reasoning of the Qur'an, it is conditional based on the assurance one can maintain justice between spouses. Therefore, whenever it is rationally probable that the wives will be treated unequally, another marriage for the husband is not permissible.
In addition, according to the overall view of his Eminence with regards to the family being the most important social institution in human life and the necessity for the formation and protection of the family, some factors contribute to the formation and consolidation of this divine foundation, including: maintaining mutual affection and trust between husband and wife, reinforcing woman’s main role in motherhood and training, preventing a materialistic viewpoint from entering the family with competition between families for luxury and material goods, promoting an easy marriage and the important and effective role of parents in it, the duty of government agencies and the media in facilitating marriage for the youth.
Therefore, since in the society and country of Iran men’s multiple marriages are often detrimental to the consolidation of the family, lessen affection between husband and wife, and sometimes lead to the breakup of the family, His Eminence’s outlook about multiple marriages (in Iranian society) is not optimistic or positive. This is why the following sentence has been repeated in his statements, "God is one, love is one, and the beloved is one."


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