Imam Khamenei

The Islamic world needs more than ever to revive the Prophet’s (pbuh) memory

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the axis for the unity of the Muslims and their unity in practice.
The holy name of the Prophet (pbuh) is one of the most attractive Islamic phenomenon for all Muslims in the world, because it is about emotion and faith at the same time. Thus, the power of remembering this name, in different matters concerning Muslims, is much more than many other Islamic phenomena which rely solely on faith but do not arouse emotions.
As a result, many of the previous, great, Muslim intellectuals have said that the holy name of this superior personage, having faith in him, and keeping his memory alive can be the axis for the unity of the Muslims and their unity in practice. October 8, 1990

Love for the Prophet (pbuh) is the solution to the problems of the Islamic nation.
It is easier for the Muslims of the world to unite under the name of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) than anything else. This is a characteristic of that great personage. I have said this several times, “He is the focal point of the Muslims' emotions. A Muslim loves his/her Prophet.” O God! Bear witness that our hearts are filled with love for the Prophet. This love should be used. This love can solve problems. Today, Muslims need brotherhood. Today, the words "Believers are indeed brothers, therefore make things right among your two brothers” [Qur’an, 49:10], are more crucial than any other time. Today, the weakness and lack of dignity that Muslims suffer from in some countries of the world, is a result of disagreement and division. If Muslims had been united, Palestine would not be like this, Bosnia too. Kashmir would be in a different situation too. Tajikistan's condition would be different. The Muslims in Europe would not have to live with so much difficulty. The Muslims in the United States would not have to endure so much oppression. The reason for all these is the division between us. September 5, 1993

The Muslim world needs to revive the memory of the Prophet (pbuh) to solve its problems.
Commemorating the Prophet is not just ceremonial. Although, such ceremonies among the Muslim nations are useful and even necessary. However, the ultimate goal is more than this. Today, the Muslim world needs to revive the memory of the great Prophet of Islam more than ever. Humanity too needs this holy name, remembering him, and his precious teachings. But, before we want to spread this to all of humanity, the Muslim world needs to rediscover this tremendous, spiritual resource. In the same way that nations lived on areas with undiscovered, precious, material resources with empty stomachs for centuries until others came and took away their resources, the Muslim world today is struggling with many problems while they have tremendous, spiritual reserves at their disposal. These vast reserves and great resources can save and help them. Several decades ago, a great man said, “Islam was founded on two principles: monotheism (towhid), the oneness of God, and unity among Muslims." These are the two foundations of Islam. The first is the principle of one God, and the second is unity among those who believe in God. The second one relies on the first, that is unity around the principle of monotheism. Today, we need this slogan more than ever. We need to return to the word of monotheism, and to unity in words. July 12, 1998


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