Godly Sciences vs. Ungodly Sciences

Godly Sciences vs. Ungodly Sciences

Our population is one percent of the overall global population and our geographical area is one percent of the world, but our scientific production is two percent. It is about two percent at a global level. In other words, our scientific productions are two times larger than what is expected of the country. This scientific capacity has naturally been utilized in the direction of moving the affairs of the country forward.

In What Ways Have Scientific Achievements Been Utilized?

I have written down a few examples. Of course, there are many more: science has been used to improve the defensive power of the country. Another example is having an advanced and modern medicine. Today, our medicine is unique in the region. We are able to control and cure diseases. Another example is technical and engineering projects. Great engineering projects are being carried out in the country. Other examples include biotechnological achievements, manufacturing long-lasting products by using nanotechnology and working on peaceful nuclear technology and many other achievements.

Science brings about balance and this has been observed in the scientific map of the country. I would like to stress the significance of the scientific map of the country which is a very important task and a valuable document which has been prepared. They should follow it up. This is another point.

Science Should Be Accompanied by a Proper Culture

My dear ones, another point is that if science is not accompanied by a true culture, it will slip up. A very complex and very beneficial science is nuclear science, but because it was not accompanied by a correct and humane culture and because it was dominated by a wrong culture of seeking power, it culminated in atomic bombs. Today, atomic bombs continue to threaten the world and humanity, as one day this threat was carried out. Today too, the whole world is afraid of it and it feels unsafe.

Why Did the Islamic Republic Decide Not to Build Atomic Bombs?

Despite the fact that we could take this path, we decisively and courageously stated that we do not wish to tread that path because of Islamic rules. Both building and preserving atomic bombs are wrong because using it is haraam. If somebody manufactures a product that cannot be used, that product should stay there. In other words, it is definitely haraam. If we had a nuclear weapon, it would be obvious that we could not use it anywhere because it is definitely haraam according to Islamic criteria. Well, why should one invest in something that is haraam? Why should one spend money on keeping it? This is because keeping it is very costly, but there are some countries which spend lavishly on keeping it.

Notice that it was science without culture that dragged the very beneficial and sensitive nuclear industry – a very beneficial industry for humanity – into a dangerous path: a wrong path which led to nuclear bombs. This is how science works. If it is not accompanied by a proper culture and a correct guideline, it will become a dangerous beast. For this reason, we believe that in elite organizations, religion and nationality – in other words, serious religious commitment and serious national dignity – should be pursued in a diligent manner.

Oct 9, 2019


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