Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei's account of British trickery in occupying Palestine

When they[the British] first entered Palestine, they didn't say they were bringing immigrants to Palestine. The Palestinian people were wondering who these people were who were coming. They lied and said that they were bringing experts! I say this based on documents which were leaked from the British Foreign Office. Some of the world's foreign ministries publish the old and outdated documents and make them available to the public. The documents I am referring to were made available to us after 60 or 70 years. In these documents, the British officer who had a responsibility in Palestine wrote in his report, “We told the people of Palestine that those people who were entering Palestine were experts, engineers, doctors, etc. and that they have come to develop your country! They will return home after they finish their job.”

The same British officer wrote in a letter, “But, we lie to these people!” So they gathered the Jews with no skills or professional capabilities from around the world and transferred them to Palestine. They provided them with facilities, land, and everything because they wanted to expel the true owners of Palestine from their country! They started with a trick, and once they were well established, they attacked. In 1948, they announced the formation of the Israeli government. A year later, they took military action against Egypt and other Muslim countries, in order to expand their territories. When they were defeated, they waited for a while. Of course, they gained control of vast areas, but since they couldn’t advance any further, they stopped. However, they continued their cunning plotting to find new ways for expansion. They have progressed in this manner so far.

Their cunning today is the creation of the "Palestine Conference," the conference for Israel to be recognized. The Geneva Conference and the other global forums directed by the United States are their tricks. As soon as the Arabs recognize them, and the major obstacle before the Zionists is removed, they will start to exert coercion, brutality, and violence again. They are already relying on violence and brutality in Lebanon. This is the attitude of the news reporting of the Arrogant Powers towards Zionism and the usurpation of Palestine. In my opinion, the most poignant events in Palestine are the realities, which have been turned upside down and are portrayed inversely.

The truth is that a nation has been displaced and expelled from its home, and that nation has the right to go back and reclaim its home. This struggle is a fight for their right. The U.S. calls this fight "terrorism," but they do not consider the Zionist’s violence against the Palestinian militants to be terrorism! Look at how the truths have been turned upside down in the minds and deeds of those who claim to be the vanguards of humanity and world leadership today! See how far from the truth and humanity they are! Look at how inhumane their policies are! The Zionists enter Lebanon and martyr an eminent, honourable man like Sayyid Abbas Mousavi. They not only kill him, but they also kill his wife and child without them being in the battlefield. They were in the car driving on the road. The Americans do not condemn this crime! So, it is proved that you [the U.S.] support oppression. Why do you deny this? You are an advocate of violence, an advocate of invasion, an advocate of terror. There is no worse or more evident case of terror. On the other hand, when some young Palestinians whose home is Palestine rise up and make a sacrifice, taking actions against the usurper Zionist regime, they call it a terrorist act! By what right do you [the U.S.] invert realities, and regard yourself as an advocate of the truth?!

The nations should understand this! The Americans themselves - the leaders of the American regime - well understand what they are doing. However, I think even the American people are not aware of the aggression the U.S. is committing in the world today. It is the same everywhere. State terrorism is one of the most obvious acts of the American government today. State terrorism is when a state commits acts of terrorism. What is a terrorist act? A terrorist act is when a state attacks another country with its fighter jets, and for example, they bomb the house of its leader. The U.S. reportedly did this in Libya, and a child was killed in the attack. A terrorist act is when one government overthrows another country’s government; like what the Americans did in Grenada. A terrorist act is destroying the people of a country, like what the Americans did in Iraq. The Americans' fight against the Iraqi regime was a different issue, but they destroyed the Iraqi people. They killed many and ruined people’s lives and factories. They even bombed many civilian areas.

Look at what the Zionists do today, which is supported by the United States. What terrorist action, is crueller and more violent than this!? Sometimes in news reports, we see demonstrations in countries where the police treat the people violently. Such scenes may be seen in many countries. But in no other country, are the people treated by the police with such violence, brutality, and anger as the Zionists use in dealing with the people of Palestine. This is happening even though the police who are attacking the people of Palestine are foreigners, and the youth who are beaten so violently by the police are the owners of the land!

The Iranian nation is aware of this issue. Other nations need to understand this also. Thank be to God, many Muslim and free nations are also aware of these issues to some extent. Our conclusion is that Palestine has already been under occupation for 45 years. The more the Arab states and Palestinian organizations retreated, the more violent and impertinent the enemy became. The conclusion is that the Palestinian nation has only one way to save themselves, and that is the way of a brutal fight filled with sacrifices, which should take place both inside and outside of the occupied territories. It is the responsibility of all Muslims to help this Islamic fight.

Imam Khamenei, 27/03/1992


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