Imam Redha 720

Imam Reza's (as) shrine, the place for communication between all Muslims

I hope that by Allah's favor, the blessings of the presence of this holy shrine - which is the center of our attention to the spiritual qualities of this pure and holy household - increase on a daily basis. This is the shrine of Ali ibn Musa ar-Ridha (God's greetings be upon him). It is the place for the tawaf of divine angels. It is the place for the presence of divine blessings. In that place, pure and enthusiastic hearts and those who have entrusted their hearts to this pure household speak to Allah the Exalted with their enthusiastic hearts.

The holy shrine of the eighth Imam (thousands of greetings and praise be upon him) is the center of dhikr, attention and monotheism. I hope that all of us, all the people of Iran and all Muslims all over the world benefit from the blessings of the attention of this great personality and I hope that it will strengthen the relationships of Muslims with one another. September 7, 2014


The movement of the honorable children of the Imams towards Iran has a positive and meaningful dimension as well as a tragic dimension because of their martyrdom in the middle of the way to Iran. The reason for their movement towards Iran was the request of the people and their acceptance of the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) household. As you know, when we speak about the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) household, we mean the school of thought which was established by the Imams and the Islamic concepts which they introduced. It means a deeply cultural and spiritual achievement and a great ideological feat.

This is the movement of Imam Ridha (a.s.). According to the events that you know and have heard about, Ma'mun finally feels that he has to martyr Ali ibn Musa ar-Ridha (a.s.) - he had forced that great Imam to leave Medina in order to get close to him and he did not plan to kill Imam Ridha at first - contrary to what he had planned. The divine will and plan to bury a member of the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) household in this place, which was faraway from Medina, was exercised by the enemies of the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) household. This is divine wisdom and engineering. September 17, 2013.


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