Imam Khamenei

Piety creates hope: Imam Khamenei

One of the ingredients of hope is reliance on Allah the Exalted: “And the end is best for the righteous.” [The Holy Quran, 7: 128] When you are pious and virtuous and when you observe divine rules, God will be with you. When God is with you, victory, success, bliss and spiritual exaltation will be with you as well.

And I wish to strongly advise you youth to observe piety. You are thankfully pure and cultivated and you have not been afflicted yet with the maladies that the likes of us suffer from. Therefore, you should make the most of this purity, sincerity and enlightenment. You should always be with Allah the Exalted in your hearts, in your souls and in your actions. And then you will move forward, God willing. Oct 9, 2019


Imam[Khomeini] was insightful. His eyes were open. He would see the truth and he would understand it. He was hopeful. He believed in what Allah the Exalted had said, “Allah certainly aids those who aid His cause” [The Holy Quran, 22: 40]. He who aids God will certainly receive God’s aid and this is what He has already done.

And I will tell you dear youth that you should continue this path in a powerful way. This is the case not only for you, but also for all the youth of the Iranian nation. If pure and uncontaminated hearts, who wish to carry out their divine and human responsibility, stand up against the enemies of religion and humanity on the path of steadfastness and resistance, Allah the Exalted will certainly support them: “God will certainly aid those who aid His cause”. As we have succeeded in the past 40 years by Allah’s favor, we will – by Allah’s favor - overcome all obstacles in the future, in the second phase and in future phases and we will defeat the enemies.

Hopes are pinned on the youth. This does not mean that those who are not young do not have any duty. They do have duties as well. The elderly have duties as well. You witnessed that our magnanimous Imam would move, speak and think like the youth while he was at an advanced age. However, the engine of every society is comprised of youth. Youth should prepare themselves. They should prepare their minds. They should identify the enemy’s tricks.

The enemy’s first target is your thoughts, your minds and what dominates your minds. This is the enemy’s first target. He tries to change your mentality with all sorts of subterfuge. When your mentality changes, your actions will naturally change as well. You should not allow him to change your minds. You should not allow him to change your motivation. You should not allow him to destroy your inner faith and your lofty motivation with his tricks.

You should stand firm and rely on God because Allah the Exalted is with you, God willing: “Know that Allah is with those who restrain themselves” [The Holy Quran, 2: 194]. Allah is with the pious. He is with those who move on His path and He will help the mujahids, God willing. Oct 13, 2019


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