Result of Compromise

On what basis is compromise costlier than Resistance?

In contemporary history, there are numerous thought-provoking cases of the officials of Muslim countries compromising with the Global Arrogance and the expenses they have consequently imposed on their country, such as the Pahlavi regime in Iran, Sadat and Mubarak in Egypt, Qaddafi in Libya and the government of Saudi Arabia. The following is a part of the Leader's statements regarding the dependence of the contemporary rulers of the region and the "cost of compromise" they imposed on their nations.


1. When Saddam's expiry date was over 

The world of global politics is filled with impiety. This has caused the global arrogant powers to betray even their own friends. You definitely witnessed what they did to the doomed Saddam Hussein. They only strengthened his forces for as long as they felt the need for his existence. The Americans backed Saddam Hussein during the Iraqi imposed war as much as they could. They provided him with aerial maps, intelligence and weapons. They even helped boost their psychological state and got their allies to support the Iraqi regime financially. They supported Saddam Hussein on all sides because they felt the need for his presence. They were hopeful that he could undermine the powerful and proud nature of the Iranian nation in the world. The Iranian nation managed to recognize the nature of the superpowers, and it is still familiar with the nature of those powers. The strong stance of the Islamic Republic against the criminal US regime is rooted in such in-depth knowledge of their nature.  May 1, 2008


2. There was a day when they kissed Gaddafi's hand

Gadhafi showed an anti-western attitude during the first few years of his rule, but he has rendered great services to the west during recent years. The people of Libya saw that a simple threat was enough to make Gadhafi load all the nuclear facilities of his country onto a ship and tell westerners to take them away. Mar 21, 2011

The United States and NATO dropped bombs upon the heads of the Libyan people using Gaddafi, a vicious dictator, as an excuse. Gaddafi was the same person who was considered as their close friend before the brave uprising of the Libyan people. They used to coddle him, steal the wealth of Libya through his hands and shake or kiss his hand in order to deceive him. Oct 27, 2011


3. The king who humiliated Egypt

America's support for dictators is a point which has been constantly noticed about America's behaviour. They supported Hosni Mubarak as long as they could. Then they realized that it was not possible to keep him in power, so they threw him away. This is a lesson to the leaders of other countries who are dependent on America. They should know that when they become useless to America, the Americans will ignore them and will throw them away like an old cloth. But they supported and defended the dictator until the last moment.  Mar 21, 2011


4. Half of Saudi Arabia's financial reserves were spent on meeting the U.S.'s demands

Some individuals say that challenging powers is costly and they think that this is rationality. They are making a mistake! Challenging powers may be costly, but so is compromising! Notice that in order to compromise with the US President, the Saudi government had to dedicate more than half of its treasury to American goals so that they spend it the way they want. Are these things not costly? So, compromising is costly as well. If the challenge is done in a reasonable manner if it is based on logic and if it is accompanied by self-confidence, it will prove to be much less costly than compromising. Jun 4, 2017


5. Gaza’s resistance or Arafat’s compromise?

No one should think that if it had not been for the missiles of Gaza, the Zionist regime would have stopped their incursions. This is not the case. Notice what they are doing in the West Bank. This is while there is no missile, weapon and gun in the West Bank. The only weapon that the people have there is stones. Notice what the Zionist regime is doing there. It is doing whatever it can. It destroys people's homes, it destroys their gardens, it destroys their lives and it humiliates and belittles them. If it is necessary, it closes water on them and it blacks out electricity. The Zionists could not tolerate someone like Yasser Arafat who compromised with them. They besieged, humiliated, poisoned and destroyed him. It is not the case that if we do not display power in the face of the Zionists, they will tolerate and show mercy to people and observe their rights. This is not the case at all.  Jul 23, 2014


6. Fifty years of backwardness in the Pahlavi era

Since a hundred years ago, some of those who are infatuated with the west have been promoting the idea that if you want your country to progress, if you want Iran to move ahead, you should be defined under the category of the west. This is westoxication which is the same concept that was critiqued up by the late Al-e Ahmad. This was a wrong idea. Some of those who used to promote that idea were doing this out of treachery and some were doing so out of ignorance, not treachery. Today too, some of their followers or – let us say – the residue from that orientation continue to promote such thoughts. They say that we should make progress under the category of the west. This is not the case. For fifty years, the country lived in the shadow of the west: for fifty years! For a while, it lived in the shadow of the UK, for a while – in middle Reza-Khan period – it lived under the shadow of Germany and for a while, it lived in the shadow of countries like the US and this continued time and time again. What progress was made in our country during those eras? What did the country gain apart from disaster, backwardness and the destruction of the main resources of the country? So, we cannot be defined under the category of the west. This cannot be done. Oct 18, 2017


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