Imam Hussain rose up to proclaim the word of truth


The story didn't just end in the afternoon of Ashura; in fact, since the afternoon of Ashura, a movement started in history, which is still growing and expanding. It will be the same in the future, too. Imam Hussein (a.s.) did all in his power to proclaim the word of truth and to save the people. These are some of the traits that a person, in general, can see and show in the Ashura event. November 27, 2011

On the day of Karbala, Hussain ibn Ali (a.s.) and his companions were martyred in an abandoned desert where there was not any friend and where there were many enemies. On that day, his family members were taken captive and that was over. Today, this event - which should normally have been destroyed and consigned to oblivion after 10, 15 days - is still prominent, even after the passage of many centuries. The name of Hussain ibn Ali (a.s.) is shining like the sun and it is enlightening hearts and offering guidance not only among millions of Shias and other Muslims in different Islamic countries but also among non-Muslims. Feb 17, 2010



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