Dr. Kharrazi

Why is it necessary to publish Ayatollah Khamenei's ideas in different languages of the world?

On the eve of Eid al-Ghadir, an inauguration ceremony was held to unveil the new Russian, French and Spanish versions of the official website of the Supreme Leader, Khamenei.ir.

In this ceremony, Kamal Kharrazi—the head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations— pointed out the importance of the website, reiterating: The first reason for its significance is the importance of the Islamic Revolution and its influential role in the contemporary world. If we look at the evolution of societies since fifty years ago, we can see that not only Iran is undergoing a great transformation, but many countries, especially Islamic countries, have been transformed thanks to the influence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

He added: For example, before the Revolution, I used to go to Turkey. In Turkey, at that time, the Islamic works and Islamic appearances were not very present and in the major cities of Turkey, we would rarely see women in hijab. After the Revolution, when I went to Turkey, I could see that there were positive changes in terms of Islamic appearance and hijab.

One of the main pivots of the voice of the Islamic Revolution was the call for freedom, for the fight against hegemony and for seeking independence; and this characteristic of the Revolution has been very attractive. In every country whose people pursue freedom and independence, they have been inspired by the Islamic Republic of Iran. So without a doubt, today the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most independent country in the world.


Dr. Kharrazi went on to say: Unfortunately, some of the Islamic countries in our region are not only dependent on the U.S. but also humiliated by the United States. Trump’s remark about Saudi Arabia was really embarrassing: that a wealthy Islamic country—the birthplace of Islam which had an important role in Islamic civilization—be humiliated by those whose country was formed only a few centuries ago. These are all the result of dependence.

The head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations noted: Once a French official asked me what the situation in Iran was and how we were doing in the face of these pressures and sanctions. I said we were resisting. You see what was predicted by our enemies did not come true; and it is true that there is a lot of pressure on the people, but we are not ready to give away our dignity. I then asked him ‘if similar sanctions were applied against France, could you tolerate them?’ He said ‘no, we couldn't at all; if such extreme sanctions were imposed on us, we would not be able to tolerate.

Dr. Kharrazi maintained: In such a world, the Islamic Republic, as an independent state with very high capacities, especially in terms of human resources, has been able to prove itself and has become a role model for others. Today we are proud that we stood up to the foreigners’ bullying and won. For this reason, the websites which are created and are developing at the Office of Preserving and Promoting the works of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution can play an important role. So the first point is that the Islamic Revolution itself, its greatness, the slogans of the Revolution—that are summed up in independence and freedom—are very appealing to its audience.


According to Kharrazi, the second aspect of the importance of these websites is the personality of the Leader who, as the captain of this ship in the turbulent ocean of politics, has been able to guide Iran and maintain its independence and dignity, and in addition promote the country's defense power so it can defend against invasions. Therefore, such a person with revolutionary characteristics and a penetrating rhetoric is capable of directing the system according to the values of the Revolution is attractive to the world. Do not be misled by the appearance of the affairs: they impose sanctions on us, verbally abuse us, insult us, but in their hearts, they all admit that they are facing a power, and this is very important.

The head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations added: The U.S. Secretary of Defense has hanged a photo of General Soleimani in his office; this shows that he considers General Soleimani as his great rival.

Dr. Kharrazi highlighted the geopolitical significance of the Spanish, Russian and French languages, and stressed: Russia is a large country and Russian speakers also include the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus, so they comprise a large population, and they play an important role in the contemporary world, in today's geopolitics.

Kharrazi added: French speakers are also playing an important role: we have French speakers in Africa, in Europe and some other places. Familiarizing them with the foundations of the Revolution and the works of the Supreme Leader can be very effective.

According to the head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, among these languages, Spanish is of particular importance and the Islamic Revolution is very popular among Spanish speakers.

Kharrazi closed his remarks by stating that: I am hopeful about the inauguration of the website in Russian, French and Spanish, and I hope that communication will increase day after day, and more people, especially the freedom-seekers of the world, can access it.


  • 2019-08-24 03:57
    brilliant and the right thing to do. I wish there was a Norwegian site too to be honest.