Jihadi students

The dialogue of Jihadi Movement should turn into a public dialogue

While meeting with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Thursday evening (August 1, 2019), some members of volunteering groups [jihadi camping] reported on their activities and services in underprivileged regions and expressed their views about their experience. 

Ayatollah Khamenei thanked the devout and revolutionary youth and stated: Do your utmost and move forward. Think as hard as you can, and put your thoughts into practice.

Affirming the revolutionary movements, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated: we should establish a great community of the generation of the Islamic Revolution in our country that has reached a position in terms of knowledge, managerial methods, service providing, establishing justice and equality, that the common humanity has not reached yet; one that would be followed as a role model. 

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the necessity of creating discourse on similar activities and held: the discourse of jihadi movement has created [youth like] you. We should act in a manner so this discourse becomes a public one. There are some who have no physical disability or incapabilities in their livelihood, but they are deprived of serving the needy. Serve them too.

Every year, revolutionary students spend their free time in regions of the underprivileged areas of the country to fulfil the promise of reducing poverty and help the deprived classes of the society as a form of Jihad.  They are integrated professionals ready to work for helping those in need in less developed and poorly invested regions. Since in Islam, helping the deprived and the poor without expecting anything in return is a form of Jihad [selfless endeavour] for God, these groups are known as Jihadis.


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