Maryam Rajavi, MEK, Saddam war against Iran

U.S. government, supporter of MEK terrorists

The MEK who had initiated a phase of armed opposition to the Islamic Revolution since June 20, 1981, later launched a special unit for terrorist attacks and engaged in many successful and unsuccessful terrorist attacks. They are against all human values, and they have no fear of killing humans in masses.


The West, supporter of terrorist hypocrites

They [The U.S govt] were claiming that they were opposed to terrorism. Today in our region and in many other parts of the world, they enter into an alliance with terrorists. They arrange meetings with terrorists and negotiate with them. They provide terrorists with money and weapons so that they can carry on their terrorist activities. They support the Munafeqeen grouplet who have admitted to assassinating thousands of people in the country. They took this grouplet off their "list of terrorist organizations".
Oct 31, 2012
It is quite clear when a state, such as the United States or some European countries, supports terrorist groups who have committed mass murders and let them enter their countries and consider them as political refugees, such a state can not be honest in their claim to fight terrorism. They actually promote terrorism, and they train terrorists in their hometowns to achieve their vile intentions. 

June 28, 1989


MEK is a version of Marxist groups

The Mujahedin Khalq grouplet that was a version of Marxism called themselves "Islamic" but their nature, their thoughts, their ideology and their writings were pure Marxism. We do not have such a thing in Islam, rather we have persuasion in Islam. "There is no compulsion in religion" [The Holy Quran, 2: 256] means that religious ideology cannot be promoted and reflected except with persuasion. You should be able to persuade because this attracts individuals. This is one of the ways to attract.
Jul 11, 2015


The faith of the believers strengthened by seeing such hostilities

The frequent terror attacks during our Revolution better manifested the true face of the enemies to the Iranian nation and the world. No one could imagine that the MEK (hypocrites) and other terrorist groups were so brutal, violent and evil. Did anyone think that their face of hypocrisy was so ugly and malicious, that they talk in favour of God and people, while they act so ruthlessly against God and His people?!

Thanks be to God and His assistance, they were disgraced, and those who supported these groups lost their dignity. The real goals of those who claim to support human rights and the organizations that pretend to work for this cause in the world, who spend a lot of money on it and the propagation, became evident. It was revealed that covered under this title, they indeed follow malicious goals.
July 2, 1989


The enemies of Iran do not have the ability to calculate the Iranian nation's sovereignty

Just recently, in meeting with a gathering of thugs and terrorists in a neighbouring country, one of the US politicians [John Bolton] said that he hopes and wishes to celebrate this year’s Christmas in Tehran. Christmas celebration was a few days ago. This is how their calculation power fails. They are the same people. Their calculations dictate that they entertain such hopes, like the one that Saddam Hossein entertained – he hoped to occupy Iran in the course of one week – and like the one that their other mercenaries entertained. They, too, hoped that they would make it from Kermanshah to Tehran in the space of three days. These are their calculations! This is [how] the enemy’s calculation power [fails]
Jan 9, 2019



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