Europe had 11 commitments to Iran, none of which they abided by

The downfall of western governments is their arrogance. You gentlemen should pay attention to this. One of the maladies of western governments – including European governments, this is really a grave problem for them – is that they are arrogant! This arrogance prevents them from gaining a correct understanding of their surroundings and the facts which are ahead of them. Such arrogance and self-importance has created grave problems for them.

Of course, if there is a weak government or timid individuals in the party which confronts them, this arrogance will pay off. Every arrogant person who sees that the other side is afraid of him and trembles and retreats, will naturally feel he should intensify his arrogance. However, if the other side sees and understands their nature, displays fearlessness and stands up to them, they will collapse. This is their problem.

As for the current issues between us and them, the reason why the problem lingers is their arrogance. As our honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs has said – well, they really worked hard – Europe has 11 commitments to Iran on the issue of the Bar-Jaam [JCPOA], but it has not fulfilled any of them. This is what our Minister of Foreign Affairs is saying. Well, ministers of foreign affairs usually have diplomatic considerations. However, despite these diplomatic considerations, our Minister of Foreign Affairs is candidly saying that Europe has made 11 commitments to us, none of which have been fulfilled.

What about our commitments? We honored the commitments that we had on the basis of the Bar-Jaam and even more than that! Now that we have begun to decrease them, they make exaggerated claims, saying, “We wonder why you are decreasing your commitments!” You shameless people! You had 11 commitments and you did not honor any of them! Why are you asking us to be committed to ours? We have just begun to decrease our commitments gradually and this process will definitely continue.

Well, in the middle of these events and these illegitimate expectations that they have, malicious England – whose malice is obvious to everyone – has gotten involved in piracy. They have stolen our ship. This is actually an act of theft. Normally, they commit a crime first and then try to give it a legal mold. They conjure up something and claim that this is the reason why they have committed that crime. However, the truth of the matter is that it is an act of piracy. They are engaged in piracy as well! Of course, by Allah’s favor, the Islamic Republic and its pious forces will not leave these evil actions unanswered. They will respond in the right time and in the right place.

Jul 16, 2019


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