11 cases of the Doctrine of Resistance's victory as explained by Imam Khamenei

If you can show dynamism and progress in any area, the other side feels that imposing sanctions is wrong, absurd and foolish.You witnessed that the continuous plots that the U.S., Zionism, Arab reactionaries and others had hatched in the region were all destroyed and annihilated with the power of the Islamic Republic.

1. The victory of the Islamic Revolution and the end of the U.S. domination over Iran


The collapse of the Pahlavi regime seemed impossible. How could a monarchical regime—with 2,500 years of history, backed by all the material powers of the world—be removed from Iran? It seemed unbelievable; but the Islamic and faithful determination of the Iranian nation led by Imam Khomeini made possible the impossible affair, the unfeasible matter. This impossible matter took place. Everyone witnessed it evidently before their eyes. And even beyond that, the flag of the oppressive, arrogant domination of the U.S. was dragged down from the roof of Iran and was trampled under the feet of our faithful youth. November 14, 2000

2. The defeat of the Front of Arrogance in the imposed war on Iran


All the major powers of the world backed Saddam against the Islamic Republic to destroy the Islamic Republic… Of course, all those efforts were like a bullet that targets rocks and soil. For eight years they killed themselves to usurp just one inch of the Islamic Republic's soil, but they failed. The people of Iran defeated all those powers throughout those eight years. March 10, 2018

3. Front of Arrogance slapped heavily across the face from Hussayniyah of Imam Khomeini


One day one of the European governments used to express friendship and a tendency to establish relations with Iran. The same government formed a court after the Mykonos restaurant issue and leveled accusations against high-ranking officials of the country. European governments cooperated with it and all of them withdrew their ambassadors out of Tehran. We have not forgotten those things. They tried to slap us across the face, but they received a stronger slap. They received such a strong slap from this Hussayniyah that a long time later they were still looking for a cure. They tried to give us a slap whenever they could. Whenever we backed down and treated them a little leniently, they got more insolent. No, the resistance of the Islamic Republic and commitment to the slogans and principles of the Revolution have increased our dignity in the world.

August 7, 2011

4. Israel withdrawing from South Lebanon


Now Arab and Muslim nations are witnessing for the first time the humiliated and forced retreating of the Zionist usurpers from the land they considered their inalienable possession for years, rejecting any negotiations on it. This magnificent event is an unforgettable source of contrasting the two different manners in face of the barbaric and bullying Zionist regime and its unjust supporters: one a manner of courage, justice-seeking, and reliance on youth’s self-sacrifice; and one of surrender, evasion, and relying on arrogant powers’ decision. May 24, 2000

5. Defeating the Zionist Regime in the 33-day war


Take a look at the present time and see how many times the Lebanese Resistance overcame the vicious army of the Zionists in less than 10 years. First, it was the Lebanese Resistance and later on, it was the Palestinian Resistance. First, the Lebanese Resistance threw the Zionists out of southern Lebanon. Later on, it crushed them in the 33-day war. America helped the Zionists. So did traitors in the region, but the resistance force - which was based on the people, which was religious and purposeful and which knew what it was doing - managed to throw all of them out of the arena. February 18, 2015

6. The US defeated, leaving Iraq


Who could believe that the United States, despite all the attempts that it has made in Iraq and in spite of the deployment of so many of its troops in that country, would not be able to impose its intentions on the Iraqi nation and use Iraq as a gateway to its domination of the entire Arab region in the Middle East and its manipulation of the regional nations and governments?

But this all has happened. In all these cases the side that has been defeated is the one which seemed to have the upper hand in terms of military and financial and economic and political power. This is also another reality. April 6, 2007

7. Zionists defeated during the 22-day war


The continuous resistance attempts made by Gaza – which has now turned into an invincible fortress – showed in the course of several wars that this regime is too weak to resist the willpower of a nation.

The main hero during Gaza wars is the courageous and resistant nation which continues to defend this fortress with reliance on the power of faith despite enduring many years of economic siege. February 21, 2017

8. Producing 20% enriched uranium at Tehran’s nuclear plant


If you can show dynamism and progress in any area, the other side feels that imposing sanctions is wrong, absurd and foolish. A clear example of this is the twenty-percent enriched uranium that we seriously needed for Tehran research reactor. The country was running out of its supplies. If we had not been able to provide the twenty-percent enriched uranium, this research reactor would have been closed and the people would not have had access to the radiopharmaceuticals that they needed and that were being produced in the country. Therefore, officials tried to provide the twenty-percent enriched uranium.

The story of the game that global powers - headed by the U.S. and some other powers - played on the issue of the twenty-percent enriched uranium is a long, sweet and interesting story. It is interesting to know what they did. We were ready to buy it, but they used all kinds of tricks to create obstacles. Finally, the Islamic Republic came to the conclusion that it should produce the twenty-percent enriched uranium on its own. However, they did not believe that this would happen. They did not believe that after producing it, it would be possible for us to produce fuel out of it. That is to say, they did not believe that we could produce fuel rods and fuel plates. But like you, the youth of the Islamic Republic and the young scientists of the country managed to carry out this task with their intelligence, innovation and good management. April 30, 2014


9. The failure of the plan to boycott selling petrol to Iran


They created uproar and said that they were planning to impose sanctions on petrol so that we could not import it. Their analysts predicted that it would cause public turmoil in our country. This caused our government officials to start thinking of producing more petrol… The uproar they created ended up benefitting the Iranian nation. And international observers saw this. The same is in creating an extremist, parallel Islamic movement. February 5, 2011


10. The failure of the sedition of election fraud


It is true of the sedition of the year 2009. They created uproar and said that the Islamic Republic was on the verge of collapse. They said that the Islamic Republic was plunged into internal conflicts. They made many such statements. Then they saw the Iranian nation overcome the sedition. February 5, 2011  

They decided to minimize the effects of the massive election turnout by setting up a sedition, but they failed in that attempt as well. People stood up against the sedition. The sedition of the year 2009 vaccinated the country. It equipped the people with the means to fight against the political and social microbes that could have been effective. It increased the insight of the people. October 19, 2010


11. Defeating ISIS


You witnessed that the continuous plots that the U.S., Zionism, Arab reactionaries and others had hatched in the region were all destroyed and annihilated with the power of the Islamic Republic. One of those plots was the issue of the takfiri and inhuman terrorist ISIS which was thankfully destroyed and annihilated with the determination of youth, pious men and all those who believed in the Resistance Force.

Well, this is not a minor task, rather it is a great accomplishment. Even some of our neighboring countries did not sometimes believe that one can make this achievement and launch this movement, but they were encouraged to do so. They entered the arena, they succeeded and they believed.

November 22, 2017


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