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What one earns reciting Quran while fasting can’t be earned otherwise

A number of people fast and thus these people have joined in this celebration[of Ramadan] and they have benefited from it. But, as well as fasting - which is the spiritual hardship of this auspicious month - these people follow Quranic teachings in a perfect manner. They think deeply when they read the Holy Quran. Reading the Holy Quran at nights and at midnights, developing a close relationship with it and being addressed by God while one is fasting or while one is enlightened as a result of fasting gives one a special kind of pleasure and it has a special significance. The thing that one obtains out of such reading of the Holy Quran cannot be obtained in normal conditions. These people benefit from such reading of the Holy Quran too. Besides, they benefit from speaking to Allah the Exalted, being addressed by Him, praying to Him and opening up their hearts to Him. They do these by reading the prayers of the month of Ramadan.

Sep 14, 2007

The Commander of the Faithful (greetings be upon him) has also touched on this, “Certainly the outside of the Qur’an is wonderful and its inside is deep in meaning” [Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 18][...]

“And its inside is deep in meaning.” Everyone can get to the depth of this meaning within the scope of their capability, knowledge, studies, understanding, and intelligence. Not everyone can understand it in the same way as others. We can do our best though. We should do our best and make an effort to understand Quranic teachings. When it is said that we should learn from the Quran how to live, this does not mean that we can find, for example, driving rules in the Quran as well. This is not the case. The Quran ornaments our minds with lofty teachings. When our mind transcends with lofty teachings, then we can get to all the secrets of the universe because with the Quran, we can learn wisdom: “He who possesses wisdom has the capability to do everything” [from a poem by Nezami].

When you understand what Quranic teachings are and when they are instilled in the minds of the people in society, in the minds of all the people in this country or at least in the minds of our Quranic community, then the different doors of human teachings and knowledge will open to humanity.

May 6, 2019


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