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Saudis silence UN with money and kill children

The war in Yemen is a political war, not a religious one. They falsely claim that the issue is about Shia and Sunni while this is not the case. Some of those people who are losing their children, women, infants and their hospitals and schools in Yemen under the bombardment of the Saudis are Shafi'i and some of them are Zaidi. So, the issue is not about Shia and Sunni. The conflict is a political conflict, the conflict between policies. Today, they are creating such a situation in the region. It was they who created discord

Today, the people of Yemen are really oppressed. They are destroying a country just because of some arrogant and political goals which are pursued in a foolish manner. They could have pursued political goals in a different manner, but they are pursuing them foolishly. The events of Yemen and many other events in the world of Islam - in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other such countries - are really painful for us. And these events are too many and they are really painful. The world of Islam should cure such problems with vigilance and foresight.

Aug 17, 2015


Why should Islamic rulers follow the US in two criminal actions which have unfortunately damaged our region? One is the criminal action against the Palestinians and the important issue of Palestine, and another is the criminal action against Yemen. They should be sure that victory belongs to the people of Palestine and the people of Yemen and that the US and its cohorts will be defeated on this matter[...]

Today, the people of Yemen are enduring the hardest tortures by the Saudi government, its followers and the US – its main supporter – but you should know that the people of Yemen and Ansarullah will certainly be victorious! They will not be defeated. 

Nov 25, 2018


They[Saudi-led Coalition] are constantly bombarding a country. And they are not bombarding its military centers, rather they are bombarding its markets, hospitals, public squares and schools, and the people’s houses and gatherings. This is not a minor event, rather it is a very grave crime. They do not understand what the month of Ramadan and a month of haraam are and they do not differentiate between children and adults. They have murdered so many children! Well, this is a grave crime as well which has unfortunately been committed by the Saudi government. However, they have done so with the support of America, with its approval and with its weapons – the weapons and ammunition that are from America.

It is they who are providing them will all the resources. Even when the United Nations wants to say something in this regard[...] they shut its mouth with money, with threats, and with pressure. This poor and infamous Secretary General of the United Nations acknowledged that they have exerted pressure on him. Well, if they pressured you and if you cannot fulfill your duty, why do you not resign? Why do you stay there and betray humanity? This is betraying humanity! America is involved in this matter as well.

Aug 1, 2016


Yemen is being bombarded[...] The people are being bombarded, various places are being bombarded, and markets are being bombarded: the country’s entire infrastructure is being bombarded. By whom? By US’s allies who have their approval. It is the Americans who provide them with weapons. It is they who help them. They watch the scene delightfully; they do not raise the slightest objection; do not show a hint of the slightest frown on their faces. Of course, there are some people among them – for example, writers – who make some objections, but the US administration does not pay any attention to them at all. 

Feb 8, 2018


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