Imam Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei’s request of advice from a religious scholar

During my presidency, I asked a great personality, whom we always respected and believed in, to offer us a word of advice, a guideline and a recommendation. What he wrote to me in response was, "Look and see what you are obliged to do and do it. Look and see what is haraam to you and refrain from doing it. Look and see what is doubtful and be careful about it". This seemed to be a very simple, easy and straightforward piece of advice. In the beginning, when we looked at it, we said to ourselves, "Well, we already know these things". But when we paid careful attention, we saw that this was not the case. We found out that this is everything that we should know and that this is the most fundamental guideline.

If we look carefully, we see that the most difficult task for a person who cannot control his self and who cannot resist temptations is this. We should see what our responsibility is. We should really look for our responsibility. When we identify it, we should carry it out with courage, with decisiveness, with open arms, with complete satisfaction and without fear of worldly consequences. We should not think, "If I say this, if I adopt this position or if I behave like this, what will such and such a person say? What position will such and such a person adopt? What will become of my future?" We should carry out our responsibilities without these considerations.

Jun 10, 2008