Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas

Imam Khamenei's recommendation for youth: Read descriptions of Sacred Defense operations

My dear ones, the liberation of Khorramshahr - which was, in fact, the peak of Beitol Moghaddas Operation in the 1361 - holds lessons for all of us and for our past and future. This is because on that day the brave members of the Army and the Army of the Guardians of the Revolution managed to deal a great blow to the enemy through their amazing and praiseworthy harmony and their indescribable bravery and selflessness. The blow did not just harm the Iraqi army, but it also harmed the system of global arrogance, which had deployed its forces behind the war machine of the Ba'ath Party. Nobody could predict such an event, but it happened.

What was the main factor that gave rise to that event? One can enumerate some factors, but the spirit of trust in God and confidence in one's capabilities were the main factors behind that event. Through conventional calculations, nobody could predict that such an event would take place. But our youth, our faithful men and our soldiers serving in the Armed Forces entered the arena with their determination, faith, reliance on God, selflessness, bravery and death-defying spirit, and they gave rise to that great event. The liberation of Khorramshahr is the peak of these achievements. It is the outcome of these achievements. There were hundreds of amazing manifestations of selflessness during the time Operation Beitol Moghaddas took place.

I ask you dear youth to read the available accounts of such military operations. Some accounts have fortunately been published in this regard. Read them carefully and see what happened in the operation. See what our youth and men did. It would take a big book to list their names, but as an example, I would mention the names of people like the brave and selfless, free-hearted and commander, Ahmad Motavaselian. See what they did in this great confrontation and what sources of power they used. The famous quotation by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) - that is, "Khorramshahr was liberated by God" - is the most accurate and the wisest comment that has been made in this regard. Just like the verse "So you did not slay them, but it was Allah Who slew them, and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote." [The Holy Quran, 8: 17] The power of Allah the Exalted was manifested in the hearts, iron determination, patience, strong arms and innovation of our soldiers. The enemy was dependent on its materialistic power. It goes without saying that material power cannot stand up against such manifestations of spirituality and humanity. This has always been the case, and today materialistic powers - with all their power, money, industrial development, advanced technology and scientific advances - are not able to stand up against a group of people who rely on faith, determination, effort and selflessness as their standard.

May 24, 2010


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