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Bitter irony: The only nuke criminal is the flagbearer of preventing nations from developing nuclear energy

A bitter irony of our era is that the U.S. government, which possesses the largest and deadliest stockpiles of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction and the only country guilty of its use, is today eager to carry the banner of opposition to nuclear proliferation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the use of nuclear, chemical and similar weapons as a great and unforgivable sin. We proposed the idea of “Middle East free of nuclear weapons” and we are committed to it. This does not mean forgoing our right to peaceful use of nuclear power and the production of nuclear fuel. On the basis of international laws, peaceful use of nuclear energy is every nation's right.  All should be able to employ this wholesome source of energy for various vital uses for the benefit of their country and people, without having to depend on others for exercising this right. Some Western countries, themselves possessing nuclear weapons and guilty of this illegal action, want to monopolize the production of nuclear fuel. Surreptitious moves are underway to consolidate a permanent monopoly over production and sale of nuclear fuel in centers carrying an international label but in fact within the control of a few Western countries.

A bitter irony of our era is that the U.S. government, which possesses the largest and deadliest stockpiles of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction and the only country guilty of its use, is today eager to carry the banner of opposition to nuclear proliferation. The U.S. and its Western allies have armed the usurper Zionist regime with nuclear weapons and created a major threat for this sensitive region. Yet the same deceitful group does not tolerate the peaceful use of nuclear energy by independent countries and even opposes, with all its strength, the production of nuclear fuel for radiopharmaceuticals and other peaceful and humane purposes. Their pretext is fear of production of nuclear weapons. In the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they themselves know that they are lying, but lies are sanctioned by the kind of politics that is completely devoid of the slightest trace of spirituality. One who makes nuclear threats in the 21st century and does not feel ashamed, will he feel ashamed of lying?

August 30, 2012


Retreating emboldens the enemy

Whenever we showed flexibility towards the enemy and used certain justifications to retreat, the enemy adopted bolder positions against us. For example, at one point we said that we should not give the enemy an excuse and at another point, we said that we should dispel the enemy's suspicions against ourselves. The day the statements of our government officials were contaminated with flattery for the west and western culture, they labeled us "axis of evil". And who did this? The person who was the embodiment of evil. The previous US President - the embodiment of evil - labeled Iran "axis of evil". When did this happen? At a time when we used to repeatedly flatter the west, the U.S., and others in our statements. This is how they are. Regarding the nuclear issue, at a time when we cooperated with them and backed down - this really happened although we learned a lesson from it - they advanced so much that I said in this Hussayniyyah that if they continued like that, I would have to step in personally. And that was what I did. I had to step in. These things are not my responsibility.


Our retreats emboldened them. There was a day when our government officials would be satisfied if they allowed us to have 25 centrifuges in the country, but they said it was not possible. Our government officials became satisfied with having 5 centrifuges, but they still said it was not possible. Then our government officials became satisfied with 3 centrifuges, but again they said it was not possible. According to the report you heard today, we have eleven thousand centrifuges in the country. If we had continued those retreats, if we had continued that flexibility, we would have achieved none of these nuclear advances. It would have undermined the scientific vibrancy that has developed in the country over the past few years - this scientific movement, these youth, these innovations, these inventions and the different advances we have made in various areas. This is because first, they might have found a problem with every one of these things and second, the nuclear industry of a country is the symbol of that country's progress.

July 24, 2012


The issue of nuclear energy is an issue concerning the future of Iran

Today we are working in order to obtain the nuclear knowledge we need so that our children, our youth, our future generations, and the great Iranian nation will not be forced to beg this knowledge from the west in the future.

December 6, 2009

The issue of nuclear energy is not only the issue of today but that it is also the issue of tomorrow, that it is an issue related to the country's fate and future.

February 17, 2007

Utilizing nuclear energy and achieving nuclear technology in our country is more important than discovering and extracting oil - the day when it was extracted in our country for the first time.

June 15, 2006

Enrichment and the other achievements that have been made in the nuclear area are a very important accomplishment. It is not a minor achievement. And these are only our initial steps in this industry. This industry should be worked on so that it makes progress. Now a few criminal countries which have either used nuclear bombs against other nations or tested them - such as America and France - are telling us what to do. Ten, twelve years ago, France conducted three nuclear tests - in a row - in the ocean. These tests are destructive and they destroy the marine environment. They conducted three dangerous tests. And there was little criticism over this matter in the world and later on, they shut mouths and it was over.

This is while we are not after nuclear tests. We are not after nuclear weapons. And this is not because they are telling us not to pursue these things. Rather, we do not want these things for the sake of ourselves and our religion and because reason is telling us not to do so. Both religious laws and logic dictate that we do not pursue them. Our verdicts based on logic and reason fatwa say that we do not need a nuclear weapon either in the present time or in the future. A nuclear weapon is a source of trouble for a country like ours - I do not want to expand on this matter. So, nuclear achievements are very important and pursuing this industry and industrializing the country is a very important task.

April 9, 2015


Western propaganda against Iran’s nuclear power is aimed at making nations in the region give up on their inalienable right

The study of atoms and nuclear sciences are one of the greatest human achievements which can and should be at the service of the wellbeing of nations across the world as well as the growth and development of all human societies. The applications of nuclear sciences cover a wide range of medical and industrial needs as well as energy requirements, each of which has considerable importance. For this reason, it can be said that nuclear technology has gained a prominent position in the economic areas of life. And with the passage of time and the rise in industrial and medical needs and energy requirements, its importance will continue growing, and the efforts to achieve and utilize nuclear energy will increase accordingly. Just like other nations of the world, Middle Eastern nations that are thirsty for peace, security, and progress have the right to guarantee their economic position as well as a superior position for their future generations through utilizing this technology. Preventing the nations of the region from paying serious attention to this natural and valuable right is probably one of the goals behind creating doubts about the peaceful nuclear programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

April 17, 2010


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