Astan Quds

Ayatollah Khamenei appointed Sheikh Ahmad Marvi as the custodian of Astan Quds Razavi

The following is the full text of this decree of the leader of the Islamic Revolution:


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Hujjat-ul Islam Haj Sheikh Ahmad Marvi (may his graces continue),

Serving in the holy presence of Imam Ridha (a.s.) is a great blessing and honor that obliges those receiving this honor and blessing to constantly thank God from the bottom of their hearts. Now that Hujjat-ul Islam Raeesi has been appointed to a new position after a rewarding and vigorous period of serving, and after laying the foundations of enduring tasks in this blessed place, I appoint you—who were raised in this land and have benefited from its gifts, and have proven your trustworthiness and taqwa (piety) in a long period of collaboration—as the custodian and servant of this holy and great place. I would like to remind you of a few points:


  • Firstly, I see it fit to remind you of all the points mentioned in the decree appointing Mr. Raeesi, including seizing this opportunity to serve and use all that is in your power for this purpose to serve the pilgrims and the residents of the city, particularly the weak and the needy; exploit the cultural potentials of Astan Quds; preserve and protect the unique architectural, calligraphic, and decorative art collection in the entirety of the buildings and spaces; protect the abundant and rich donations; manage economic and service organizations; and finally benefit from the spirituality of this shining sun, with purity and hard work.


  • Secondly, I strongly recommend staying and collaborating with the Hawzah, and the clergy of the holy city of Mashhad.


  • Thirdly, cooperating with government officials and assisting them accordingly is also recommended.


  • Finally, seeking devoted and revolutionary experts and employing them in different positions is another key recommendation that has always been insisted upon.


In the end, I ask God to bestow upon you ever increasing success.


Sayed Ali Khamenei

March 30, 2019



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