Islamic revolutions

Imam Khamenei’s prostration in gratitude upon hearing a piece of news on Radio

At that moment when the radio declared itself for the first time as ‘the voice of the Islamic Revolution’, or something similar, I was traveling by car from a factory to Imam Khomeini’s place. It was a factory where opportunist rioters had gathered, creating uproar in the heat of the Revolution, while Bakhtiar was maybe still in power; on those last days leading to the victory of the Revolution, when problems still remained, and nothing had been done yet, they were thinking of blackmailing and extorting. They had started provocations in a factory and we had gone there to calm things down. On the way back the radio announced itself as the radio of the Islamic Revolution. I stopped and got off the car to prostrated [before God] on the ground. It was so unimaginable and incredible for us. Every moment in those days, there was an incident, so that if I want to recount my memories of those twenty days around the Revolution, I would certainly not be able to express everything that passed through our minds and happened in our lives.

February 8, 1983


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