Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei’s anecdote of the time when he was prosecuted by SAVAK

I never forget this memory; it is an amazing one. One evening, I was walking down the currently named Enqelab Street, when I ran into Mr. Hashemi who told me ‘I was in the bus and I saw you, so I immediately got off the bus in the next stop. I came to tell you that you are walking freely but you are under surveillance.

We arranged a meeting with Mr. Hashemi and other friends. Where was our meeting? Because we did not have a place in Tehran, Mr. Hashemi had asked us to meet up in the waiting room of Dr. Va’ezi, at the end of Roohi Alley. Dr Va’ezi was a friend of Mr. Montazeri; he was a pious man who liked those who fought for the Revolution, and we knew if we met in his waiting room, and he learned, he would not dismiss us.  

You know how unsafe the waiting room of a physician was for a meeting, but we had no better choice in Tehran. We went to the waiting room of Dr Va’ezi’s office, pretending to be the patients who were waiting to see the doctor, so we could discuss, but we found someone sitting in the waiting room; and it was impossible to talk there. We were wondering what we could do, when one of the friends suggested we could go to Mr. Bahonar’s house, which was not far. He lived in Shotordaran alley, near the formerly named Shah square, or today’s Ghiam square. So we happily set off for Mr. Bahonar’s house. He had rented two rooms on the second floor of a house. Fortunately, his wife was not home, and we could send him out too, and talk. I never forget the decent face of this dear and old friend of us who understood we needed to talk privately and we did not want him to be present: he was by no means offended because he understood it was an important matter. We explicitly explained to him that we needed a place to talk. He prepared tea and some refreshments for us, and left the house so we could talk in his house.

Press interview on the 8th of Shahrivar; August 17, 1982


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  • 2019-06-24 20:51
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