Imam Khomeini

A formula to distinguishing Truth from Falsehood

Brothers and sisters! We have had a formula since the beginning. The formula is that any entity, movement or action that is supported by the enemies of the Revolution, the enemies of the people, the enemies of Islam, that entity represents a false Revolution, or at least some false factors are involved in it. Similarly, any entity, movement or community which is attacked by the enemies, that movement is righteous, that movement leads to development, and is appropriate. We need to follow up on it, strengthen it and maintain it. The people have recognized this formula since many years ago. Once, along with the core members of the party, I visited Imam [Khomeini]. One of the brothers mentioned that the party was at times attacked. Imam Khomeini answered that he was also the target of the same attacks; and that he took advantage of the attacks. He said “around the year 1964 or 1965 I sent a message to Shah, saying to him, you and your SAVAK that so often oppress me are indeed working to my benefit. Because the people believe in my righteousness and truthfulness; they understand I am saying the truth, as otherwise, you would not oppress me so much. I was told because I was under attacks and oppression, my way was the right way." Understand your righteousness; this is a fact. This formula is a formula of certitude.

Speech on the subject of necessity and importance of organizations

February 12, 1980



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  • 2019-03-25 22:16
    We in Nigeria indeed understand this in Zakzaky