Imam Khamenei

What’s the key to the victory of Imam Khomeini’s Revolution?

Our leader and Imam, with that great divine power, always attended to the people. Since the very first days after Imam returned to Tehran from Paris—that is, during the most sensitive moments of this history, when all the historians of the world, all those who observed the international politics had turned their attention to Iran as the center of the biggest events of the century and they were all wondering what would happen in Iran—during those sensitive times, since Imam entered Iran, he went among the masses. The 80 year-old man dedicated his time and comfort to the people. The politicians were saying Imam needed to spend less time with the people, so the politicians, intellectuals and elites can have debates with Imam on important political issues. In answer, Imam said he had nothing to do with the elites or politicians, but he needed to work with the people; if the elites wanted to get involved, they should come among the people. He was right; he properly understood the situation. If he wanted to listen to politicians, we would still be listening to Mr. Bakhtiar’s speech at that the non-national assembly. Imam Khomeini established face to face relations with the people; there was no barrier between him and the people; he was frequently told that his life was endangered, and he would reply that he did not care and even if he was killed, the people would benefit. With no protection, he stood before thousands of people and spoke to them. Women, men and children came to see him. He took the children, kissed them, caressed them, and returned them to their parents. He came among the people, and continued his work and efforts with the help of the people; he counted on the people, and you see he became victorious.

Imam Khamenei, August 15, 1979


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