Imam Khomeini

A leader who in the peak of his revolutionary struggles didn’t put down the Quran for a second

When Imam Khomeini came to Iran in 1979, I saw him from distance the day he arrived; then later in the evening, I saw him again in Refah School; but I did not go close because I did not want to bother him. He was already surrounded by so many people, some greeted and kissed him; I thought I could at least not bother him, and I decided to pay him a visit later. The next evening—or a couple of days later—when he was in Alavi School, he summoned us: me and other brothers who were members of the Council of the Revolution. I entered the room. It was early evening; I saw Imam sitting and reading the Quran. Right on those hectic days, when it was only a couple of days since Imam Khomeini had arrived in Iran: you possibly remember how busy Iran street and the nearby area were, packed with crowds. Imam had received many individuals; and there were more visits to follow. Many people including ordinary people, politicians, clergymen, old friends, had come to visit him: one came with a suggestion, another with a question, one with a comment; so Imam was very busy. Despite all the bustles around him, and more meetings and debates afterwards till midnight, Imam was sitting alone in a room and was reciting the Quran after his prayers, as if nothing was happening in the world. You see, a heart that is fond of the Quran is like that.

Lesson on interpretation of the Quran; January 29, 1982


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