Imam Khomeini

A greetings to Imam Khomeini from Zimbabwe prison

The people of South Africa suffer from racial discrimination. Even on those days when the government of racial discrimination was in place, the intellectuals of South Africa highly praised and admired Imam Khomeini and the people who fought in Iran. The person who later became the president was in prison at that time. I went to Zimbabwe for a meeting; and he had sent a message from inside the prison, asking me to convey his greetings to Imam Khomeini on his part. Then, using the method they had learned from Imam, they managed to enter the scene and take the government away from racist activists and agents of the apartheid regime. Their neighbouring country and other regions of the world acted in the same way.

Statements made during a meeting with a number of IRGC commanders.
September 15, 2007


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  • 2019-04-23 18:04
    Imam khomanei (r.a) and present imam "imam khanaie l" Are the real hero's