Imam Khamenei

God's second promise

1. When during the Pharaoh’s tyrannical totalitarian rule, Moses’ mother gave birth to him, it was certain that the baby boy would be killed. The mother was looking for a solution. If the baby was a girl, she wouldn’t need to worry. A mother’s heart is filled with love for her baby, but she wonders what she can do. The divine inspiration was revealed to the mother: “We inspired Moses' mother saying, "Breastfeed your son. When you become scared of [losing] his life, throw him into the sea [the Quran; 28:7]" December 25, 1998.

When the mother of Moses cast him into the river, Allah the Exalted made two promises to her. God said, "Suckle him and when you fear for him, then cast him into the river and fear not nor grieve." [The Holy Quran, 28: 7] God promised to return Moses to his mother and to appoint him a prophet. After a short period of time, the child was returned to his mother. God says, "So We gave him back to his mother so that her eye might be refreshed and that she might not grieve and that she might know that the promise of Allah is true." [The Holy Quran, 28: 13] God had made two promises: one was to return Moses to his mother. So God told the mother of Moses, "Know that the promise of Allah is true." God told her that Moses was the prophet who would come and overthrow the Pharaoh. Allah the Exalted fulfilled His first promise to the mother of Moses in a short time so that she would have faith in the fulfillment of the second promise. May 31, 2011

2. The achievements that humanity has made throughout history with the help of religion are the same small promises. One of these achievements is the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic is one of these promises.

Allah the Exalted had promised that if we fight, show patience and rely on Him, He would give us power when we do not expect it and when we have no hope of gaining it. The same thing happened. The people of Iran engaged in fighting, they showed patience, they stood firm, they made sacrifices, they laid down their lives and as a result, something happened that no one would have thought.

Who would have thought that in this very sensitive region, in this very important country and in the face of that regime which was strongly supported by global powers, a government would emerge and a revolution would achieve a victory that was based on religion, fiqh and sharia? Who would have thought that such a thing would happen? The answer is no one. If someone says that I knew that such a thing would happen, this is impossible unless they have spiritual and supernatural powers. All evidence was against this. But it happened. Jun 11, 2014


3. Yet, the second promise remains. The second promise is this: “We have written in the psalms which We had revealed after the Torah that the earth will be given to Our righteous servants as their inheritance [the Quran; 21:105].” In another ayah, we read: “to stand supreme over all religions, even though the pagans may dislike it [the Quran; 61:9].” As such, the flag of monotheism, Islam and faith, the flag of resistance against the oppression of anyone, anywhere across the world, the flag of independence of nations from the domineering powers should be risen all across the world, as the source of hope for all the suppressed… Our society, which is the Islamic utopia and the center of attention for the Muslim world, will be constructed perfectly, God willing, based on the divine promise, in the manner that Islam has required—we are still far away from the ideal form—we will achieve it. These are divine promises. September 17, 1990

4. However, even if some people are tempted and have doubts and even if they are not calmed by this divine promise, they should be calmed by experience. I have said this frequently and I believe in it with all my heart. Even if we were not given any divine promise, with the experiences that the people of Iran have gained since 30, 40 years ago, they should become confident that the future belongs to them. They should become confident that the victory belongs to them[...] Hazrat Ibrahim – that great prophet – asked Allah the Exalted to see the dead rise again[...] 

Then, Allah the Exalted ordered him to do certain things so that he could see how Allah the Exalted would raise the dead.

Well, we saw with our own eyes how a nation achieved victory empty-handed during the imposed war. A people who were inexperienced on political and international issues achieved victory over the plots of the enemies. Despite the fact that a powerful materialistic front – which stabs in the back while it pretends to fight face to face, which creates an uproar and which does such and such things -  has stood against our people, our people have defeated them. It is 40 years now that they have constantly been hatching plots and it is 40 years now that they have been foiling their plots! Do we not see these things? These are our experiences. May 27, 2017

5. This is my description of affairs: think of a mountaineer who is climbing up a difficult pass. He has climbed up an important part of this difficult, slippery, twisty and dangerous pass. There have been many threats, but he has resisted them and he has gone up because he has to reach the peak. As long as he does not reach the peak, threats will continue to exist. However, when he reaches the peak, the threats will be ineffectual. Everyone should show determination. This is not particular to the Armed Forces. This is not particular to the Air Force. This is not particular to some tiers of society, officials and youth. This is related to everyone. Everyone, wherever they are, should show determination and work hard[...]My dear ones, the future of the Iranian nation will be much better than the present time[...]

And the future of you dear ones – who are to step into your predecessors’ shoes and move better than they did – will be much better than your present-day conditions.

All of you should rely on God and work hard. All of you, wherever you are, should have a sense of responsibility and carry out your duties. Allah the Exalted will look at you kindly and He will open the path ahead of you, God willing. Feb 8, 2019


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  • 2019-03-03 23:54
    It is true, Allah will fulfil His promise to Iran and Muslim world. Young Iranians should read history of the revolution to see Allah's sighs. We outside Iran really appreciate the fact that Iran is being guided by Allah.