The story of a young man who aborted a coup, as narrated by Imam Khamenei

Another phase was the issue of revealing the coup organized at a base in Hamedan – the Shahid Noje Airbase. There too, the plot was revealed by an Air Force officer. A young officer who was a pilot at the Air Force – later on, I would meet that officer in the war who would become a disabled war veteran – came to my house at dawn, telling me about the matter and what they had planned. However, we could not believe it. The young man had sweated hard to reach Imam in the dead of night – this is a long story – but he had failed to do so. They said to him that he should come to visit me. So, he came to me and recounted the story. He was exhausted and afraid.

I summoned some people from intelligence and discussed the matter with them and they pursued the matter. The day after that, the coup was supposed to be carried out in Tehran, but a young man from the Air Force foiled all their plots. These are parts of our history. The history of the Revolution and revolutionary incidents and the history of the astonishing roles manifested in the Revolution is unfortunately unknown to many individuals. I put this down to the Air Force because it was that force which carried out that great feat.

Feb 8, 2019


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