The decline of the U.S.

Why we believe the U.S. is weak

Our enemy is weak today. Notice that I have repeated many times – I do not want to be naïve – that the enemy cannot be considered weak and desperate. In other words, we should not ignore the enemy’s strong points, but when we take a close look, we see that the enemy has many problems. The main enemy of the Islamic Republic is arrogance which is manifested by the transgressing US regime. Today, they have many problems. They have problems both in domestic and foreign areas. The heads of their country have conflicts and they have differences with one another which can be seen in the news. The US government has vast and staggering debts to their own people and to foreign countries. Their debts amount to trillions of dollars! They have serious social problems.

According to the documents which have been released by themselves – these are not pieces of information that we obtained, rather they are based on their own information: this has been mentioned in their press and in some documents which have become available to us - their people and their youth suffer from [an epidemic of] depression and suicide. In the United States, murder is committed more than all other countries in the world. A large number of murders are committed every day in the US. The people are killed by one another and by the police.

Another problem is addiction and drugs. A hundred billion dollars are spent on drugs annually. The US spends 50 billion dollars – this is based on their own statistics – to combat narcotics in the country while their efforts are of no use. It is of no use. Drug consumption increases on a daily basis in that country and therefore, they have serious problems.

These problems have led to their current situation in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, as can be witnessed by all of you. These problems have made them enraged. That is while those weak-minded politicians – or as you mentioned, first-rate imbeciles – become furious against the people of Iran and show this by abusing and insulting our people. They go to great lengths to do something: for example, they hold the Warsaw Conference, but they get nowhere with it. They invite their allies and mercenaries – the weak governments which are intimidated by them – to Warsaw in order to make decisions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, but it yields no results [Audience chants, “Death to America” and “Death to Al-e Saud”].

All these are signs of the enemy’s weakness. Therefore, the enemy is weak. When the enemy is weak, he rants and raves a lot and he kicks up a great deal of fuss, but such fuss should not make officials lose their hearts and it should not make youth make mistakes by thinking that they have such and such power because this is not the case. The day when this Revolution was a weak sapling, all of them joined hands to uproot that weak sapling, but they failed. Today, that weak sapling has turned into this strong, pure and great tree and therefore, they will not be able to do a damn thing.

Hazrat Zainab said to Yazid, “Use all your tricks and make all your endeavors, but by Allah, you will not be able to blot out our memory”. She said to him that he could use all he wanted, but that he would not be able to do a damn thing [Audience responds with, “Allahu Akbar”]. Of course, the reputation of many heads of apparently Muslim countries was damaged during recent events. Their reputation is gone! Those who sat down at the same table with the Zionist regime in Warsaw and other such places and joined hands with the Zionists and the Americans against Islam, Muslims and the Islamic Republic do not have a good reputation among their own nations – including the Arab governments in the Persian Gulf and some other governments. They do not have a good reputation among their own people. They are like that.

What I want to say is that we enjoy the freshness of our 40th year anniversary and we have the necessary preparedness and power for moving forward. We have resources and capacities. All the problems that exist are resolvable. The problem of high prices is resolvable. The decrease in the value of rial is resolvable. The problems related to domestic production are resolvable. All these problems can be eliminated. Some patience, acumen, unity, solidarity and seriousness in our moves are required. All these things are required. Our resources are very good and the enemy is weak and by Allah’s favor, he will weaken more and more.

Imam Khamenei, Feb 20, 2019


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