Ayatollah Khamenei

We are still far behind in providing the social justice required in Islam

Liberal democracy has proven to be the ruin of Western nations who have based their government and social system on liberal democracy. The kind of liberal democracy which is common in the West today has ruined them. --It has led to social rifts, lack of social justice, the destruction of the family unit, comprehensive and epidemic corruption, and excessive and extreme individualism: they are all ruined.

Nov 3, 2018

Having faith in creation and resurrection plays an essential role as far as the issue of justice is concerned. We must not ignore this point. We cannot expect to establish justice in society in the real sense of the word but at the same time fail to have faith in creation and resurrection. In the absence of faith in creation and resurrection, justice would be nothing more than an imposed obligation. This is why some of the well-designed western plans regarding justice prove to be absolutely impractical. The reason is that these plans do not have ideological support. Western comments about justice are beautiful - at least they appear to be beautiful, though they may lack a firm logical basis - but in practice, the beauty of their comments is not at all reflected in western societies. You do not see these comments being practiced. There is absolute injustice in western societies. The reason is that their comments lack the support of faith in creation and resurrection. It is very important to have faith in the resurrection and in the fact that our actions will appear in front of us in material form in the Hereafter. This faith provides people with energy. If people were aware of the consequences of oppressive behavior and even oppressive thought in the hereafter, then they would naturally get closer to justice.

May 17, 2011

We have said many times that we have not managed to grant Islam's requests completely. This is definite, but we have taken a long path in this regard. We have not been able to completely administer social justice in this country, but we have come a long way. These things should not be ignored. One day, the entire wealth of this country used to be divided among some aristocratic families and its spillover reached a few big cities. Today, all the areas in this country are benefiting from its resources. This great movement towards social justice and Islamic morality exists. We sometimes hear that there are some criticisms about morality. There is no doubt that today, we are far away from idealistic Islamic morality, but we have moved forward to a great extent. The people of Iran have come a long way on this path. These things should not be ignored.

Jan 7, 2015


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