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In what era were Iranian MPs appointed by the U.S. and Britain?

Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian people were deprived of their right to elect. The right to elect and the opportunity to take part in handling the affairs of their country were vested in the Iranian people by the Islamic Revolution.

Before the revolution, the Iranian people were mere onlookers on the political scene of the country. Foreign powers usually installed our high-ranking officials. One day the Iranian officials were installed by the Soviets, one day by the British and one day by the Americans. The Iranian people had no role in deciding on their political fate.

The freedom of choice and democracy that has been vested in our nation by the Islamic Revolution did not exist even at the time of Prime Minister Mosaddeq, the time that has been described as the time of relative freedom and democracy in our country. Dr. Mosaddeq dissolved the National Consultative Assembly, which was superficially the symbol of democracy but was, in reality, devoid of any democracy. During his nearly two years in office, he ran the government with absolute power. He enacted the laws and endorsed them himself and then carried them into effect.

This is not comparable to the Islamic Republic system. During the past 26 years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, the Iranian nation has not lived even a single day without the Islamic Consultative assembly and its parliamentarians. During this period, elections have regularly been held. During the past 26 years since the formation of the Islamic Republic, almost 26 elections have been held in our country. The Iranian nation was provided with this opportunity only by the Islamic Revolution.

The United States and other enemies of the Iranian nation are trying to restore in Iran the same dark dictatorship that existed under the Pahlavi regime, but in a new and modern guise, and make this country once again dependent on outside powers. However, our nation is going to keep its presence on the scene and, as always, foil the enemies in their attempts.

The Iranian people should be thankful to Almighty Allah for enjoying the freedom of choice and the opportunity to take part in handling the affairs of their country, the privileges granted to them by the Islamic Revolution. We should all be grateful to the Almighty for enjoying these divine blessings. The real gratitude can be expressed through a massive presence on the political and social scenes and by creating an amicable and brotherly atmosphere in our society.

May 24, 2005


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    Long live Iran's leaders. Viva Islamic Republic of Iran. It's a great model to rest of the world for a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.