US is complicit in Saudis’ crimes in Yemen: Ayatollah Khamenei

I will tell you that the notorious enemies of Islamic Iran are covered in filth: the filth of moral and political corruption. They are soaked in filth. Take a look at American politicians today. Take a look at their materialism, their violation of the truth and their indifference to the lives and property of individuals and nations. One example is in Yemen. In Yemen, it is the Saudis who are committing the crime, but the Americans are their accomplices. They themselves have acknowledged this. They target hospitals, markets, the parliament and the places where the people gather. The issue is not about a military dispute, rather they are opposed to nations. They are criminals and soaked in filth.

This is the real face of the US. If the people of Iran wish to gain a correct understanding about the US and arrogance – which is manifested by the US – they should look at what the current US president is doing and at the current politicians in the US. All of them are the same. It is not particular to them. The current politicians revealed that ugly and hideous nature, otherwise, all of them are the same.

Islamic Iran has stood up against them. Islamic Iran has stood up against the violation of the truth, injustice and moral and political corruption. Of course, with its independence and resistance, Islamic Iran has caused the enmity of world-mongering powers. They would like to have domination and supremacy. They like Iran to be like the pre-revolutionary era during which time they dominated all its affairs, just like the other weak countries which exist today. They extend the hand of friendship to another country, but they suck away and take its resources. Then, they say that such countries are their “dairy cow”. They want dear, great and glorious Iran and the brave Iranian nation to be obedient to them, just like those countries. However, they did not reach that goal and they will certainly not reach it in the future either[...]

Some people in the world of Islam have pledged their friendship to the enemy. The move which is being made by the Saudis and the crimes that are being committed by them for the sake of occupying Yemen and against the oppressed people of Yemen will end in their disadvantage. They should understand this. This will be to their disadvantage. It is about four years now that they have been committing crimes in Yemen. They thought that they would dominate Yemen and all its affairs within a few days or at most a few weeks, but they have been failing for four years. The more they move forward, the harsher their downfall will be and the more severe the blow that they will receive will be.

How can a government which rules over a Muslim nation and an Islamic country turn into an agent of the enemies of Islam and of the US? How can it become its “dairy cow”? Why? The Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques [reference to Saudi rulers] should be “strong against unbelievers” [The Holy Quran, 48: 29]. They should not be “strong against the pious”! However, they are strong against the pious. They are strong against Yemen and against Bahrain. They place the pious under pressure. This is a very foolish policy which will provoke divine rage.

Dec 12, 2018


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