Armed forces of the soft war

The pervasive soft war staged by the enemy today is undeniable. However, some deny it, hence themselves forming a part of the soft war. In this war, artists and intellectuals resemble the armed forces in an actual military war.

Some individuals pass by this national event indifferently; some side with the enemies and help them; the first group are irresponsible and the latter are on the side of the enemies. Compared to the armed forces in a military war, one can identify the culpability of both groups.

Today, in the country, there is a large number of people who take a responsible position and make great endeavors; this should increase day by day. Defending the magnificence of Iran, the Iranian culture, the Iranian family, the glorious movement by the Iranian nation, etc. cannot be achieved merely through rhetoric and letters. Arts must take up the arena. The role of movies and TV series is very prominent in this regard.

Attend to national issues in the series you produce; promote cultural themes such as the dear martyrs; the Sacred Defense; the Islamic Revolution; the Islamic lifestyle; the spiritual, faithful motives of the nation and their manifestations; their resistance against the super criminals and global corrupts; the Arbaeen walk and so forth. Articulate the greatness, independence, courage, scientific and practical capacities of this nation through the language of arts.

The proper and artistic processing of these themes can be very attractive and popular, both within the country and among other countries and nations.

Imam Khamenei, Nov 27, 2018


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