Arbaeen 5

No one can obscure to the world, the spotlight of Arbaeen

You should thank God for this demonstration event[Arbaeen pilgrimage]. Thanking God for this includes preserving in yourselves those spirits and qualities which you witnessed and felt during the two, three days that you spent there. You should preserve that brotherhood, that affection, that attention to Wilayat, that preparedness of the body for exhaustion, and that act of preferring endeavor, sweating and walking to comfort and laziness. These things should be pursued in all the affairs of life. This is thanking God.

One of the criteria for thanking is that we make this task easy for those who love to do so. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of officials in different divisions of the country. Sometimes, certain incidents occur. They should not allow these incidents to be repeated. They should prevent them. This is part of thanking God as well. In any case, we should appreciate the value of this blessing because it is a great blessing.

By Allah’s favor, this will be an eternal blessing and it will become a source of dignity, pride and honor for the people of Iran and the people of Iraq. Of course, they are trying in the world to prevent this strong spotlight from being seen, but they will not be able to do so. It will be seen. They are trying to prevent it from being seen and to distort it, but neither of these efforts will reach anywhere. When you continue the movement, it will reveal its truth in the natural course of events.

Nov 23, 2016


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