Ali Asghar

The Philosophy of Hussain Ibn Ali's (a.s.) sacrifice as told by Arbaeen supplication


In a supplication on visiting Imam Hussain (a.s.) (a ziarat of Imam Hussain) which is recited on the day of Arbaeen, there is a very meaningful sentence which reads: "the one who did his utmost to invite the people to the right path to the point that he lost his life and his loved ones for awakening the people and saving them from negligence and ignorance”. The philosophy of Imam Hussain’s self-sacrifice is introduced in this sentence. The pilgrims of Imam Hussain’s shrine say to God the Exalted that, this slave of yours --your Hussain (a.s.)-- gave his blood to save the people from ignorance; to save the people from the bewilderment and chaos that deviance entails. Look how rich this sentence is [in meaning] and what a deep and advanced implication it has.
The problem is that mankind has always been affected by the malignancy of devils. Major and minor devils always sacrifice humans, nations and masses of people for the sake of their own goals. You have read this in history through stories of tyrannical and oppressive rulers, and how they treated nations; you see the situation of today’s world and the methods used by the major powers of the world. Humanity can be affected by deception and trickery of the devils. Humanity needs help to save themselves from ignorance and deviance and get rid of bewilderment and perplexity.
Who can stretch this saving hand to mankind? Those who are attached to worldly desires and lusts are not fit for that. Because they are themselves misled. Those who are captive of their ego and self-centeredness cannot save humanity; they themselves need to be saved by someone. Or, if blessed by God’s grace, they will find the willpower to save themselves. The person who can save humanity is someone who can sacrifice his desires, who can get rid of selfishness, avarice, jealousy, meanness and other decoys that often affect humans so that they can lighten a candle that would brighten the pathway ahead of humanity.
Islam grants adherent nations the ability to lead humanity. Our nation could, thanks to Islam, raise a flag which the oppressed nations of the world regard as a rescuing flag. When you go beyond the propaganda disseminated by the Zionists and the Front of Arrogance—which always present a reversed version of the truth—you will see that the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Revolution, the image of Imam Khomeini and our nation have been a cause for hope among other nations and have granted them motivation and audacity. This is a blessing of Islam.


 Imam Khamenei, September 12, 1990


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