War veterans meet with Imam Khamenei

5 reasons why U.S. threatens Iran with war

Any dignity and grace is achievable by sacrifice, bravery and hard work.


One threat we are facing today is that for deceiving public opinion, theoretical explanations are made up and presented in an attractive way. Certain politicians and intellectuals have united to reflect this altered reality to the world. Behind these apparent scenes, lie the old goals: the avarice for dominating the world, dominating all capitals; they have no tolerance for an independent country or government that does not comply with U.S.’s policies and dictated orders and does not submit to their system. They sought to disguise these goals and make them look attractive. This is an extremely important fact. You are the officials and influential actors in the country.   

I have repeatedly mentioned that we can never claim that Iran will be attacked for sure. No, this is not evident; however, the threat is surely there. We must be able to nullify this threat. In order to do so, the officials, the elite and experts of this country (the majority of whom are present in this meeting), are required to understand the situation appropriately and recognize the duty properly. You should truly feel the great responsibility upon you. Today, we do not have the right to make a mistake. The threat that exists -- because the U.S. president explicitly named; though he referred to 60 countries, he specifically named three countries including our country-- is a multidimensional and complex matter, with regard to its underlying factors and purposes, and these elements must be known. 

The first factor is Iran, our dear country, that has at its disposal, half of the coast of the Persian Gulf --the world’s greatest and richest source of energy today and in the future. The geographical situation, neighboring with the Persian Gulf and owning half of its coast, in addition to abundant material resources, as well as important resources of human power, comprise the first major factor.

The second element is the Islamic Republic system. An independent establishment, a dignity-oriented, brave establishment that relies on the people;—the people who have gone through trials, the people who hold a deep faith embodied and showed not in their words but in their actions, and not in one area, but in various arenas; the people who detest foreign domination and have very bitter memories of it. The Iranian people experienced the point made by Imam Sajjad (A.S.) when he posed a question [in response to someone who questioned him on the Karabala uprising] asking, "{Imagine} what would happen, had we not done [the Ashura uprising]?". On the day that the country was threatened by the 28 Mordad [1953] U.S. coup d'etat, if the people actively engaged in the affairs of the country, they would not have undergone twenty five years of dark dictatorship, the loss of that very critical period, and the wasting of all that material and spiritual wealth. The people who also experienced the opposite, i.e., they were actively involved during the Islamic Revolution, and witnessed how they managed to—merely with their presence, with no weapons— capture the strongest fortress of the Arrogance in our region; that it is possible to force out the United States from a very important location; that it is possible to push America out of Iran; turning the US base of power and influence over the entire region into a base against U.S.’s  interests and domination. People tried it and witnessed it.

Any dignity and grace is achievable by sacrifice, bravery and hard work. 

It was the same during Saddam’s U.S.-backed war against Iran. During the war, some doubted how we would manage to defend back. When thousands square kilometers of our territory were under the enemy's control and the enemy offered us a ceasefire and negotiations in those circumstances, some pressured Imam [Khomeini] and other authorities to accept the cease-fire. Imam resisted; so did the people; the officials resisted and they saw the sweet results of this resistance. Yes, any dignity and grace is achievable by sacrifice, bravery and hard work. By surrendering, indolence, or submitting to the problems, no valuable dream will be accomplished. The nations that, you see,  have gathered knowledge and wealth and put them into their own service today, have gone through hard times, too; they have gone through hardships. The biggest crime committed by authoritarian and dictator governments over the course of our history is that they didn’t let their nations act and react at times, when the people could have assured their interests by their presence and bravery. Ashraf Afghan and Mahmood Afghan and their troops had sieged Isfahan. The people were impatient to react and defend, but the indolent, passive and coward rulers did not let the people defend themselves. They surrendered and in fact surrendered the people, too. The result was that after the hard and dark years, when the invaders were forced to leave Iran, they took hundreds and perhaps two hundred thousand Iranian women, girls and adolescents with them as captives; that is, even when they were leaving, they behaved in this manner towards the people.

Our people are prepared. The most important thing that our magnanimous Imam [Khomeini] did was to let the people’s motivations and feelings flourish, making it possible for the people to act. Imam never obligated the people to go to the war; but the young people were insisting to go. The Iranian nation witnessed the result: their dignity and the humiliation of the enemy. They heard the world acknowledge their rightfulness and innocence -- albeit after several years. The Iranian nation represents an experienced nation that relies on a rich culture, blessed with the sources of spirituality of Islam, with knowledgeable and strong authorities, thanks be to Allah. So one factor is "Iran" with those qualities. 
Hence, one element is this system, and this people with these characteristics, that trapping them, making them surrender and follow is not easy. It's not easy to deceive and tempt this nation, and to appoint some mercenaries to rule over this nation -- as they do so in many countries.
The third element is traceable in the arrogant behavior of the enemy. The U.S. requires that in the world there would be no government or country that questions its domineering power. They need it for the new world order they have defined and planned. The U.S. cannot tolerate a nation that is not afraid of its threat, is not deceived by its promises, and does not follow U.S.’s dictated policies, that has an independent policy and rejects dominance and control of the U.S.
Another element that plays an essential role in this matter, is the problems that the other party has. It should not be believed that the U.S. threatens the world, due to its affluence. This is not true. They have internal problems, they face an economic recession, there are serious threats targeting the Zionist Regime in the occupied Palestine-- the fate of this regime is closely related to the fate of the U.S.-- the economic situation of the U.S. is sought to be resolved by dealing weapons among companies and the U.S. government. These are crucial issues  that make them hold similar positions, so they can cover their internal problems. In a speech made by U.S.  president at the congress, he promises the people to reduce the amount of taxes, and to provide every class with a good teacher. 
These are the type of problems they face. More severe than these are the ethical problems, the internal problems, increased violence, and the collapse of families inside America. These are not minor problems. These are swamps that anyone who falls in it—be it at the size of the U.S.-- will drown and die. In face of these issues, it is very important to deviate the American people's attention to an enemy and matters outside the country. This represents a main element [in U.S.’s motives to threaten Iran.]

The fifth element is the expansion of the wave of Islamic awakening sweeping the world. When they pretentiously say that they accept Islam, but they do not accept fundamentalism, this is due to their superficial view and awkward analysis that they often have had of the Islamic world and have previously suffered from its repercussions. Today, the wave of Islamic awakening is a serious reality and an undeniable truth. Today, Muslims feel that they can be influential in the world, in human condition, and in shaping their fate. When this feeling reaches a certain point among nations, it will form a concrete aspect and become reality. They know this and are worried that this might happen. One example is the very unprecedented incident of the Palestinian Intifada. It is unbelievable! A population with no arms or equipment are standing against one of the most equipped powers in the region; they are massacred, and subjected to various physical, psychological, and economic pressures; yet, they resist, and have continued the intifada for seventeen months. Based on which common political framework can this be analyzed? Why do they resist? Why don’t they give up? Why can’t the enemy, with all the pressure they put on the  Palestinian nation, bring them to their knees, even though they are a small nation who receive no support and help from other countries?  What is the motive and the source of hope in their hearts that help them never get tired? What is the source of this enthusiasm? What prompts the Palestinian mother to kiss her son and send him to become a martyr, and then tell the world that if she had one hundred children, she would send them all? What is this motivating factor? This is a very important factor. What is this factor that does not fit in the political calculations, in dialogues, in diplomatic negotiations, and in the equations of companies? They see this and are extremely afraid of it. They seek to destroy that source of motivation and energy.
We must consider the case, counting on all its dimensions. The issue is not that a number of people have fled from a country and have taken refuge in another country, so that the United States, with all its strength, attacks that country, saying ‘we want to fight against you, because some individuals escaped and came to this country ’. This is not the case. This is a simplistic outlook. The dimensions of the matter are much deeper, as I mentioned some. The overall result of these elements is that they have focused a serious threat on Iran and the Islamic Republic system. 


March 18, 2002


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