Ayatollah Khamenei Mr. Putin

Iran and Russia can cooperate to contain the US's threat to the humanity

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution received the Russian President—Mr. Vladimir Putin—and his entourage this evening, September 7, 2018.


While meeting with the Russian President, Ayatollah Khamenei expressed hope for profitable outcomes of the trilateral meeting in Tehran and endorsed the remarks made by the Russian President concerning the necessity for expansion of cooperation between the two countries. He asserted: “The cooperation between Iran and Russia in the matter of Syria was a prominent example and a very good experience of the two countries’ bilateral cooperation, which truly illustrated convergence.”
Emphasizing on the fact that cooperation between Iran and Russia can expand in the arena of international affairs, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution held: “One of the areas where the two parties can cooperate includes harnessing the U.S.; because the U.S. poses a threat to the humanity and it is possible to harness it.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described the events that unfolded in Syria as a successful example of containing the US and remarked: the American [officials] have now suffered a real defeat in Syria, having failed to achieve their goals.

Laying out the goals of the United States in the onset of the crisis in Syria, especially after the fall of the U.S.-backed puppets in Egypt and Tunisia, he said: the Americans wanted to use the situation in Arab countries at that time to their advantage, and compensate the blow they suffered in Egypt and Tunisia by removing the Syrian government that supports the resistance; however, they have now been completely defeated.

Referring to President Putin’s remarks, the Supreme Leader said: the Islamic Republic has so far respected its obligations with regards to the JCPOA; the Europeans, however, have not fulfilled their duties, and it is not acceptable that we should fully abide by our commitments, while they do not have to respect theirs.

Ayatollah Khamenei described the Russian President’s outlook regarding the JCPOA as benevolent and stressed: Regarding the JCPOA, the Islamic Republic would take a stance that is in the interest and for the dignity of the country and the nation.

He went on to say: Although the American officials are putting forward the missile program and regional issues related to Iran, their problem with Iran goes far beyond these questions.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted: The Americans have been trying to uproot the Islamic Republic of Iran for forty years, but we have developed forty times during this time. The Islamic Republic’s resistance and achievements are another successful example of containing the US.

Ayatollah Khamenei also stressed on the grounds for involvement of Russia in other issues in the region, and mentioned the catastrophic condition of the Yemenis and their slaughter by the Saudis, stating: the Saudis will definitely not get any results in Yemen, and they will not be able to bring the resistant people of Yemen to their knees.

During this meeting, in which Mr. Jahangiri—the Vice President of Iran—was also in attendance, the Russian president evaluated the negotiations with his Iranian counterpart regarding the mutual matters and the issue of Syria as fruitful and valuable and stated: “In the negotiations, we stressed on expanding relations between the two countries in all areas, especially via economic and commercial cooperation.”

Mr. Vladimir Putin added: “In the area of energy, we proposed the project of establishing a new nuclear powerhouse and some other low-capacity powerhouses; we also discussed electricalizing the railways and increasing the sale of Iranian oil.”

The President of Russia regarded the present capacities and facilities for developing relations between the two countries as much more than the current level and referred to the efforts of the U.S. for creating obstacles in this way by means of various methods including financial transactions, reiterating: “The Americans are making a big strategic mistake by causing limitations in financial transactions, because, for the sake of a short-term political achievement, they will make dollar unreliable and weak in the international arena.”

Mr. Putin mentioned that the JCPOA would be the next topic of negotiations with the Iranian president. Expressing regret over some parties not abiding by their commitments regarding Iran in the JCPOA, the Russian president stated: “The U.S. has created a difficult situation by inappropriate measures, and the Europeans are, in practice, following the U.S. because of their dependence on them, even though they announce they, nevertheless, look for ways to maintain the JCPOA.



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  • 2019-01-06 10:27
    Masha'ALLAH, adequate coverage of Rahbar e Moazzam's (Allah'humma'sualle'ala'Muhammad'wa'Aale'Muhammad) important statements.
  • 2019-02-06 03:41
    In Name of Merciful God: First, make America understood that Iran is only interested in doing business with the west and the world, but not to give up any of its own independence in all the aspects. Second, Get all Iranian nation to refuse the sanction against them and their government. All Iranian people sign an affidavit that is unhappy about sanction and limitation against their country. Third: As the leader already mentioned, ignore Americans. Don't let them leverage your energy. Finally, "do what you have to do", not to wait for anyone or anything.