Imam Khamenei

There is no sectarian insult in the book 'Al-Ghadir', the way some disgraceful English-like figures do

Selected statements by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a meeting with religious poets:

"Well done. It was excellent. Of course on the book of Al-Ghadir, poetry is rare. Whereas, as you know, the book of ‘Al-Ghadir’ is basically a literary work. Indeed, the title of the book, the full title is "Al-Ghadir in history, tradition and literature"; that is the full name of the book. It reviews the event of al-Ghadir in the historical poems of Islam and elaborated on them. The author, was a symbol of defending Shiism, you can see that nowhere in the 11 volumes of this book he has compiled -- which was never completed-- there can be found any insulting phrases—like what some disgraceful English-like figures do. Read through this book. The author is a symbol of defending Shiism. The author, late Amini (may God be satisfied with him)—you never met him [as you are young]-- I had met him at length. I would attend several of his lectures. He never uttered even a single [sectarian] remark in his 11-volume book, like some people do, today thinking that is the way to be a Shia. While, he is the symbol of defending Imam Ali (a.s.) and defending Shiism. This is persistence, that is, to keep moving on the right path. There were others like him, too; like late Sayyid Sharafuddin Ameli in Lebanon. They behaved in the same manner. I mentioned him because we were talking about Al-Ghadir. May God grant you success.

Ayatollah Khamenei, February 23, 2017


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