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Why will the deal of the century never come true?


The so-called ‘peace talks’, the most repugnant Israeli deception

A topic of debate often raised today—in an effort to make the Palestinian cause fade away, and prevent it from rising in public opinion of the Islamic Ummah—is the so-called peace talks between a number of Palestinians, namely Arafat and his entourage, and the Israelis. That is to say, the matter of compromise and a supposedly self-authorized government for Palestine. This is one of the most repugnant deceptions and tricks of the Israelis-- which, unfortunately, a number of Muslims and Palestinians have fallen for.

One of the debates which are raised today consists of the matter of compromise between this community and the heads of Zionist regime—as one of the most disgraceful schemes. Why? Because, at best, according to assumptions of the last talks they had—the so-called Wye river II—if every commitment the Zionist regime has promised is actually fulfilled, what is given to the poor Palestinians is nothing but a little more than 4 percent of the land of Palestine. That is, out of the country of Palestine that belongs to Palestinians—who own the entire land and are entitled to having it—only 4 percent is given to them.

Moreover, even that 4 percent is not an integrated piece of land in one area; it would come disintegrated in maybe ten pieces! Besides, those who would be allowed to rule over these pieces of land—the allies of the aforementioned disgraced group—would by no means be allowed to act like a government. They would be asked to go there and watch on Palestinians so that they would not take any measure against the regime of Israel.

In fact, they would be given a limited, small, disintegrated, ungovernable area as a country, with incomplete, partial authority. What they must do in return for that, is to oppose the combating Palestinians within the occupied territories, to add to the Zionist regime’s security measures! Is there any form of betrayal worse than that!?

December 31, 1999


Why did the Zionists initiate negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization?

The fighting and resistance of the Palestinian people within the land of Palestine are shattering and devastating to the Zionist Regime; it cuts into the backbone of the Zionist Regime. Why? Because they have promised to all the Jews they have gathered from around the world in this area that the Jews are in safety, comfort and happiness on this land. They told them, they can have a comfortable life on this land with no intrusions. Now they don’t have the heart to face this newly emerged generation of the true owners of this land, who have awakened today.

The pillars of the Zionist regime are unstable. Thus, they have no option but to make peace with other countries in their region in any possible way, so that next, they can attend to their internal affairs. The so-called peace with the Palestine Liberation Organization and Arafat is also a consequence of such an approach. They wanted to get a Palestinian personality involved in the compromise plan, in the hope of suppressing resisting Palestinians within the occupied territories. But it did not work. Today in the present situation, the usurper Zionist Regime does not dare to mention its principal goal—that is, to extend its territory from the Nile to the Euphrates. The promised land of the Zionists, in their false dreams, extends from Nile to Euphrates. The areas which they have not taken yet, they will take later: this is their plan! Now, they don’t dare to mention it.

December 31, 1999


Legitimizing negotiations with the Zionist regime, who are the traitors to Palestine?

But what about today? Today, the loneliness and amount of injustice inflicted upon the Palestinians is a hundred times, even hundreds, more than before. Today negotiating with the Zionist regime has unfortunately been legitimized. There was a day when Anwar Sadat negotiated with Israel, and every Arab state, except maybe one or two, unanimously cut their ties with Egypt and expelled Egypt from the Arab community. Today, Egypt is the one demanding! It has returned to the community. Those same people who previously boycotted Egypt, today accept and welcome with much dignity, the same government and state and the successor of Anwar Sadat who is following the same path. The regime in Iraq—which claimed to be revolutionary and counted itself as part of the resistance front—is a close friend of Anwar Sadat and Mubarak's Egypt. So are the rest—from the Saudis and other Persian Gulf regimes to the rest.

Today, negotiating with Israel is not considered a disgrace anymore. Today everyone talks about how the Jordanian regime has negotiated many times with Israel at the highest levels, and this is almost certain. Today, everyone knows that the leaders of the so call Palestine Liberation Front, and old Palestinian resistant members are ready to talk to the Israelis. They have met a few times. Now the Zionists are the ones playing, refusing to talk to them [the Palestinians]. Today, the aids sent to Palestine do end up at the hands of the resistance front in Palestine anymore. Today, real fighters in Palestine who are fighting in the [occupied] territories receive no more help. And what a difficult fight that is. The help goes to those who are making peace with Israel in the name of Palestine and are actually giving out Palestine to its usurpers. If there is any help, it goes to them.

April 28, 1989


The U.S. admits: Peace agreements with U.S. and Israel are just on paper with no realization

Another subject is the recent disastrous agreement between the Zionists and those who claim to be representatives of the Palestinians. The previous agreements of about two years ago have not been implemented yet, and they have signed another agreement which is a hundred percent against the oppressed people of Palestine and against Palestine and the Arab World, and against the Muslim World.


U.S. officials followed up the subject wholeheartedly as they needed it [as a cover-up] for the personal problems the U.S. president was facing, and for their Foreign Policy debacle in the Middle East. The Americans [officials] have said it themselves several times that the peace agreements between Israel and the so-called Palestine Liberation Organization are merely on paper and not genuine. The United States was disgraced across the world due to their frail foreign policy and failure in pursuing the matter. There are also several other internal and external matters at work. They sat down—with intense work in a span of a few weeks—to make an agreement with someone who says he represents the people of Palestine. 

October 30, 1998


The goal of peace talks is to buy security for the occupiers

The Palestinian nation is much stronger, more determined, and more knowledgeable than it used to be in 1948. It has a larger population and has more notable figures among its ranks. If at that time, they were so weak at their own homes that the enemy could expel them abusively, the Palestinian people today are so strong that they have managed to deprive of peace and security the few-million population of well-equipped Zionists in their palaces, in their Jewish settlements, and in their farms. They have everything, but they cannot live a life in peace and security. This agreement is aimed at buying such security for themselves, at the hands of a few Palestinian traitors.

July 26, 2000


Does Palestine's path to liberation go through peace negotiations?

Another big fallacy is to say that negotiation is the only means of deliverance for the Palestinian nation. With whom are these negotiations to be held? With a usurper, misguided and bullying regime which does not believe in anything except force? What have those who have been captivated with this game and delusion achieved?

Firstly, what they obtained from the Zionists in the form of the Palestinian Authority- its humiliating and disgraceful character aside- was at the enormous cost of having to recognize the ownership of the usurper regime over nearly the entire Palestine.

Secondly, even that partial and fake authority was at times trampled underfoot by the Zionists under flimsy excuses. The siege of Yasser Arafat in his administrative building in Ramallah and numerous forms of humiliation he was made to suffer are not events that can be forgotten.

Thirdly, during Arafat's days and especially after him, they have treated the officials of the autonomous Authority as police-station chiefs whose duty was to prosecute and arrest Palestinian combatants and to keep them under intelligence and police surveillance, thus spreading seeds of enmity among Palestinian groups and prompting them to wage war against one another.

Fourthly, even that puny achievement was the fruit of the struggle of Palestinian combatants and resistance of its proud men and indomitable women. Had the Intifada not occurred, the Zionists would not have given them even this little, despite the successive compromises made by the conventional Palestinian leaders. Or shall it be negotiations with the United States and Britain, who are guilty of the biggest sin in creating and sustaining this malignant tumor, and who moreover, are one of the parties to the dispute and not arbiters? The United States government has never ceased its unconditional support for the Zionist regime and its flagrant crimes, such as those committed during the recent events in Gaza.

Even the new American President, who came to office with the slogan of bringing change in the policies of the Bush administration, avows unconditional commitment to Israel's security, which means defending state terrorism, defending injustice and oppression, and defending a 22-day-long massacre of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children. It is a policy which amounts to the same crooked ways of the Bush administration and nothing else.

Negotiations with bodies associated with the United Nations are another exercise in futility. The United Nations has perhaps confronted few tests such as the problem of Palestine, wherein it has been exposed and earned such a bad name. It was a day when the Security Council promptly and officially recognized the occupation of Palestine by usurping [Zionist] terrorist groups and played a basic role in the birth and continuation of this historic injustice.

After that, for several decades, it maintained a satisfied silence with regard to the cases of genocide, expulsion of refugees, war crimes and various atrocities committed by that regime. Even when the General Assembly voted branding Zionism as a racist ideology, the Security Council not only did not go along but also maintained practically a diametrically opposite stand. The oppressive world powers, which enjoy permanent membership in the Security Council, use this world body as an instrument. As a result, the Security Council not only does not help the cause of world security, but also rallies to the assistance of these powers whenever they deploy notions such as human rights, democracy and the like as pretexts to further their greed and domination, drawing a curtain of deception and lies over their illegitimate actions.

Mar 4, 2009


U.S.’s sequential failures in peace talks between Palestine and the Zionist Regime

The U.S. government is susceptible. A more recent example is the "Camp David II" question. Yasser Arafat and the President of the Zionist Regime were kept in Camp David for 15 days in the hope of achieving what would stimulate a political feat, a political recovery, and a sign of political influence for the U.S. They failed. They admitted their defeat. The U.S. government experienced a scandalous defeat in Camp David 2. None of the negotiating sides gave in to them. The defeat in Camp David 2— which is a very recent example, occurred a few days ago—is not just an incident. At large, it is the defeat of the ‘American’ idea of peace in the Middle East. These are the symptoms and examples [of that defeat]. Hence, the enemy's susceptibility—the vulnerability of the U.S. regime—is one side of the story.


The issue of the Zionist regime is even more obvious. Notice my dear ones that the Palestinians awakening and their fight against the usurper regime today is a movement that can not be easily defeated. It is not something dependent upon an individual like Arafat—so that they can buy him or drain him. No, the Palestinian movement fell in the hands of the people and pious young men and women. The defeat of the Zionist regime in southern Lebanon, then the collapse of Camp David II talks, and many future defeats for Israel will continue to happen under the influence of the strong and pious presence of Palestinian and Lebanese young men and women. This anti-Zionist hook has caught the shark in the Middle East. The hook has been fixated in the mouth of the shark and the shark can do nothing. When a fish is trapped on a hook, the more it moves, the deeper the hook will go. Whatever they do, they will lose: if they show flexibility, they will lose in one way. If they show severity, they will lose the other way. If they follow the talks, they will receive a blow hit in one way. If they stop negotiating, they will be stricken a blow in another way. The hook is deep inside. So, they are susceptible while the Islamic establishment stands strong.

July 26, 2000


Arafat regretted peace negotiations with the Zionist Regime

The Palestinian people have made a decision; all the Palestinian resistant organizations— including Fatah, Hamas, the Popular Front, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, etc., have united and made a decision. They have all come to the same resolution and have chosen the path of sacrifice. They have realized that the path to liberation of Palestine goes through getting prepared to make a sacrifice. They have experienced martyrdom and have realized that the enemy is powerless against martyrdom-seeking martyrdom and having no fear of death. Yasser Arafat has also issued a message, indicating that he is also ready for martyrdom; this is a good decision.

We hope he will not change his mind and will hold on to his word. The character and thoughts of the one who is martyred in the path of God will become perpetual. However, the person who chooses not to sacrifice himself for his cause—his body might live a few days longer—but his personality and identity will perish.

The people of Palestine have embraced martyrdom. We hope the officials of the Palestinian National Authority hold on to their word and cooperate with their own people on this path, and will not surrender. The enemy becomes weaker day after day.

April 5, 2002


What is the path to liberation of Palestine?

The deliverance of Palestine cannot be obtained through begging from the United Nations or the dominating powers, and more so from the usurper regime. The sole path of its deliverance is through resistance and fortitude, through the unity of purpose of the Palestinians and the word of God's oneness (Tawhid), which is the inexhaustible resource for human struggle.

The pillars of this resistance, on one side, are the combatant Palestinian groups and each and every one of the faithful and resistant Palestinians, those who are within that country as well as those who are abroad.

From another side, the pillars are the world's Muslim nations and governments, religious scholars, intellectuals, political figures and academics. If these two pillars remain firmly in their place, there is no doubt that in every part of the world, awakened consciences, hearts and minds, which have not been spoiled by the spells of the news media empire belonging to the global arrogance and Zionism, will rally to the assistance of the victims and those who have been denied their rights, forcing imperialism to confront a storm of thoughts, emotions and actions.

We have seen an example of this truth in recent days during the magnificent resistance of Gaza. 

Mar 4, 2009

The Palestinians should display power in the face of the Zionist regime. No one should think that if it had not been for the missiles of Gaza, the Zionist regime would have stopped their incursions. This is not the case. Notice what they are doing in the West Bank. This is while there is no missile, weapon and gun in the West Bank. The only weapon that the people have there is stones. Notice what the Zionist regime is doing there. It is doing whatever it can. It destroys people's homes, it destroys their gardens, it destroys their lives and it humiliates and belittles them. If it is necessary, it closes water on them and it blacks out electricity.

The Zionists could not tolerate someone like Yasser Arafat who compromised with them. They besieged, humiliated, poisoned and destroyed him. It is not the case that if we do not display power in the face of the Zionists, they will tolerate and show mercy to people and observe their rights. This is not the case at all. The only cure that exists before the Zionist regime is annihilated is that the Palestinians manage to act in a powerful way.

If they act in a powerful way, it is possible that the other side - which is this wolfish and violent regime - will retreat, as they are looking for a truce with all their power. This means that they have become desperate. They kill people and children and they show cruelty in an excessive way. But they are desperate as well. They are in dire straits and this is why they are after a truce.

Therefore, we believe that the West Bank should become armed like Gaza. It is necessary to show power. Those people who are interested in the fate of Palestine should do whatever they can. This is what should be done: the people in the West Bank should become armed as well. The only thing that can alleviate the Palestinians' pains is to show power. Otherwise, if we act in a tame, subservient and obedient way, nothing that is to the advantage of the Palestinians will be done and the violence that this violent, malevolent and wolfish creature is showing will not decrease.

Today, the responsibility of people all over the world is political support. There is no doubt about this. As you can see, there are popular movements in Islamic and even non-Islamic countries. By Allah's favor, the world will witness the loud and great voice of the people of Iran on Quds Day. God willing, on Quds Day, the people of Iran will show how motivated they are about Palestine.

Jul 23, 2014


‘The Deal of the Century’ won't be realized, by God's grace

There is the issue of Palestine and the satanic and malicious policy that the US has adopted on Palestine. They have referred to it as “the deal of the century”. Of course, they should know that by Allah’s favor, this “deal of the century” which they have come up with will never materialize. Despite the foolish desires of American officials who are killing themselves to do something on the issue of Palestine, the issue of Palestine will not be consigned to oblivion and the Holy City of Bait-ul Muqaddas will continue to be the capital of Palestine. It will remain the first qiblah for Muslims.

The delusions that they have – they think that they can usurp Bayt-ul Muqaddas and they say that the top, the bottom and the depth of the city, all its areas ranging from the east to the west, should be in the hands of the Jews – is a load of nonsense. This will not happen and the Palestinian nation will definitely stand up against this and all Muslim nations will stand behind the Palestinian nation. By Allah’s favor, they will not let this happen.

Of course, because of lack of belief in the essence of Islam – let alone in the issue of Palestine – some Islamic governments are unfortunately sacrificing themselves for the Americans. Not only are they following them, but they are also sacrificing themselves for them because of folly, stupidity and worldly temptations and desires. Some governments – unfortunately, some Arab governments – are in this situation. This will not work either and it will not be of any avail. They will be frustrated as well. By Allah’s favor and grace, the Islamic Ummah and the Muslim people of Palestine will definitely defeat their enemies and they will see a day when the fake Zionist regime will be uprooted from the land of Palestine.

Jul 23, 2014


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