Imam Khamenei

The Judicial branch today is the target of severe attacks from the enemies’ media

On the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Doctor Beheshti and commemorating the national week of the Judiciary Branch, the chairman and officials of the Judiciary Branch, as well as the heads of Justice Departments from across the nation, met with Ayatollah Khamenei--the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution--this morning, Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

The Leader of the Revolution, during the meeting with the chairman and officials of the Judiciary Branch, this morning said: ”In managing the most critical issue of the country, i.e. economy, the judiciary branch plays the most important role; but the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch are also instrumental and influential.’
Highlighting the need for a secure economic arena, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: “Establishing security in economic arena is part of the responsibilities of the judiciary. The business, life and livelihood of the people must be secure; the judiciary branch must confront those who disrupt the economic security."
The Leader went on to say: "Serious and explicit confrontation with the economic corruption and corruptors represents another responsibility of the judiciary branch. You must engage in resolving this issue effectively and explicitly, and be active.
Ayatollah Khamenei urged the Judiciary to act resiliently against the slanderers while practising mercy with the people and added: We must act in the face of enemies, conspirators and slanderers seriously, but in face of the people we must act with kindness, compassion, and humbleness. We must come to an agreement with them, so we can attract the public's trust.
The Leader of the Revolution regarded building public trust as a key duty to be carried out by the Judiciary system and stated: Attracting the publics' trust and building confidence are the essential duties of all the entities, especially the judiciary branch and its officials. Building confidence requires two main approaches: pragmatic action and advertising.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed the necessity of continuing internal improvement of the judiciary and added: “Every important case, which leads to a just sentencing in the judiciary branch, is indeed an ongoing charity (sadaqah jaariyah) and a charitable action, and the people should be informed about it via an appropriate manner."

Expressing gratitude for the judiciary’s activities that administer justice to the Iranian nation before the enemies’ bullying and confrontation, with the claimants of human rights, Ayatollah Khamenei stated: “In the matter of human rights, the Islamic Republic of Iran is demanding and blaming the Western criminal claimants.”
Referring to the human rights' catastrophes brought about by the US in different regions of the world, and crimes of France and the UK in African and Indian subcontinents, in recent decades, he reminded his audience: “In recent years Westerners’ actions in support of ISIS and in Syria, Myanmar, and other places reveal frequent lies of impudent claimants of human rights.


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