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The Saudis will face a loss in regards to Yemen: Imam Khamenei


As for the issue of Yemen, the Saudis have established a disgraceful tradition in the region. Of course, they have made a grave mistake. Today, what the government of Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen is exactly the same thing that the Zionists are doing in Gaza. This issue has two aspects: one is that it is a genocidal atrocity. It is a violation that can be pursued by international authorities. They murder children and destroy houses, infrastructures, and national sources of wealth. Well, this is a major violation against a population. --This is just one aspect of the overall issue.

The other aspect is that the Saudis will suffer a major loss on this matter, and they will not achieve victory. There is very clear proof for declaration. The reason is that the military capabilities of the Zionists are several times stronger than the Saudis, and the Zionists always fail. The Zionists are much stronger. The Zionists, too, had military capabilities; the camp they went against was a small strip of land, namely Gaza [The Zionists have failed in their mission against Gaza]. But the camp against the Saudis is a country which is comprised of tens of millions of people. It is a people and a vast country that has stood up against the Saudis. If the Zionists cannot achieve victory in Gaza, the Saudis cannot achieve victory in Yemen. Of course, even if the Zionists did achieve some victory, the chances for the Saudis to achieve victory in Yemen would still be null. In the present time, their chances are less than zero. So, they will definitely receive a blow. Without a doubt, their noses will be rubbed in dirt.

We have many differences with the Saudis regarding various political issues. But we have always said that the Saudis behave with tact and gravity in their foreign affairs; but, they have lost this tactfulness and gravity. A few inexperienced young individuals have taken the affairs of that country in their hands, and they prefer savagery over intelligence and maintaining appearances. --This will be to their disadvantage. I warn the Saudis: stop these criminal actions are committing in Yemen! This is not acceptable in the region.

Of course, America defends and supports them [Saudis]: this is in America's nature. They support the oppressive side on all matters around the world. They advocate for the bad guy instead of advocating for the oppressed: this is in their nature. They are acting in the same way on the issue of Yemen; but, they will experience a major setback, and they will be defeated. Now, they are creating an uproar by saying that Iran has interfered with the affairs of Yemen. Well, what the U.S.A. [the U.S. provides logistics for Saudi to bomb Yemen] is truly interference! Just because we are saying a few words on this issue, they claim we are interfering! But the fact that their criminal warplanes have created an insecure environment for Yemen is not considered interference? They are creating absurd excuses for their own interference. These excuses are not acceptable in terms of international logic. Neither the people nor God will accept such excuses! So, this is what they need to do: they should stop committing such crimes and creating major disasters in this region as soon as possible.

The people of Yemen are a great, ancient, and historic people. They have a millennia-long history. These people have the capacity and capability to decide the fate of their own government. Of course, some people have tried to bring about a power vacuum and to create an uproar. They want to create the same events that have, unfortunately, taken place in Libya--today, there exists an awful and regrettable situation in Libya; but, fortunately, they failed to do so. The religious and enthusiastic youth of Yemen, who believe in the bright path of the Commander of the Faithful (peace and greetings be upon him), managed to stand up against them. Shia, Sunni, Shafi'i, Zaidi, Hanafi, and people from all walks of life have stood up against the enemy's invasion. By Allah's favor, they will achieve victory. Victory belongs to the people of Yemen!

Dear God, help our brothers -- wherever they are in this world -- to achieve victory. Dear God, humiliate and defeat the enemies of Islam and the enemies of the Muslim Ummah wherever they are in this world. Dear God, familiarize us with our responsibilities. Dear God, enable us to carry out our responsibilities. Associate the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) with his saints. Associate the pure souls of martyrs with the immaculate soul of Hazrat Siddiqat at-Tahirah (God's greetings be upon her).

Imam Khamenei, Apr 9, 2015


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