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Death to America means death to blatant Human Rights violations by U.S: Imam Khamenei

Human values have been trampled upon in the U.S.A. There is discrimination, differentiation, racism and annihilation of human rights in America. When you shout, “Death to America” and when Imam Khomeini (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on America” this means death to all these things.

We should expose the true nature of the claims made by "The Great Satan.” They make false claims all the time: the nature of these claims should be revealed. One of these claims is the issue of human rights. They are against human rights, but they claim to be supporting it. They constantly highlight and speak about human rights. This is while the things that they do are against human rights. The person who holds office today expresses these things in their bare reality. Those who held power before him used to do these things as well, but their acts were not so transparent. He speaks more candidly and more outspokenly. They speak against Africa, against various races of people, against Latin America, against all peoples, against Muslims, and against everything and everyone. In other words, they are acting against human rights, but they hold a banner claiming to defend human rights: this is a major farce which should be revealed.

Another sham is that they claim to be fighting against terrorism. First of all, they themselves are defending the terroristic Zionist government. The Zionist government is a terrorist government in occupied Palestine: they [USA] acknowledge this. The “Israelis" too, they do not deny the fact that they've moved their tasks forward with terroristic activities. --They sometimes acknowledge this explicitly. And the main supporter of this government in the region is the U.S. So, they are supporting this government, but they support other terrorists as well. It was the Americans who created DAESH – the same DAESH who had turned into a grave problem for some of our regional countries: they confessed to this and acknowledged it. In his electoral campaign, the same person accused, time and time again, the former administration of creating DAESH. He was telling the truth, his claim was accurate. It was they who created DAESH. They were supporting and defending DAESH until as recently as DAESH was taking its last breaths. This was happening until very recently! Therefore, they are advocates and agents of terrorism, but at the same time, they have waved that flag of combating terrorism. Their hypocrisy should be revealed to the entire world.


January 16, 2018

Just a few days before that debate, this man stood up during his presidential campaign, and he said that if you are non-white -- African or Native American --and if you are walking on the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington, California and other such cities, you can't be sure that you will be alive within the next few minutes! Notice that this is being stated by a person who expects to go to the White House in a few days to manage the affairs of USA! --This is an example of American racism.

Poverty has struck the Americans as well. He (president of USA) said that 44 million people are hungry in America! He and others said that less than one percent of the people in the USA are owners of 90 percent of the country's wealth. Human values have been trampled upon in that country. There is discrimination, differentiation, racism, and annihilation of human rights in America. When you shout, “Death to America,” and when Imam (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and anger on America” --this meant death to all harmful things. It was because of these things that Imam (r.a.) said: “Let out all your shouts and anger on America.”


November 2, 2016


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