U.S. govt provides Saudis with weapons, blames Iran for supporting oppressed Yemenis

In recent years, the United Nations has really not had a good performance: it has spoken, acted, and worked under the influence of the US, as you have witnessed. A secretary-general condemned the Saudi actions in Yemen, but the very next day he condemned his own condemnation, and he took it back. When he was asked about this, he answered that there are such and such pressures.

Pressures are of two kinds: the pressure of money and the pressure of power. Money is provided by the Qaruns [tycoons] of the Persian Gulf: their oil revenues and power is provided by the US. The United Nations has, unfortunately, been under the influence of the US; besides, it has shown great negligence towards the Islamic Republic which should be made up for[...]

Another issue is that of creating DAESH, which was openly mentioned by the current US president during his election campaign. Of course, we were aware of this before. They had said that the US had a role in creating DAESH, and they had initiated the matter. In some places, they acted as intermediaries, and in other places, they were directly involved. We had some information showing that they were helping DAESH in Iraq for various reasons. The Americans helped DAESH sell oil and escape from the sieges that had been planted. They helped them out with all these cases. Another issue regards their assistance to the Zionist regime during the massacre of the people, the last example of which is the recent massacre in Gaza.

Another issue is helping the Saudi government on the massacre of Yemeni people and helping the Bahraini government in the crimes that they commit against their people. These are matters that the UN should get involved in. If the United Nations is the United Nations, if it is not an organization dependent on the US regime, it should get involved in such events. These are the tasks that the UN should carry out. Are these unreasonable expectations?

May 23, 2018

Dear brothers, dear sisters, today the policy of arrogance is creating tension and discord between Muslim nations and even between the people inside a nation. Today, this is the policy. And this is a plan which plotters and schemers in criminal America and the Zionist regime have devised for our region which is one of the most important Islamic regions.

You can see the signs in the present time: the emotional events in Yemen, the events in Syria, and the events which took place in Iraq and other Islamic countries. The solution for this is that Muslim nations discover the main point. The main point is the enmity of arrogance against the Islamic community and Ummah: this is the foundation of the issue. They should stand up against the policies of arrogance as a responsibility of governments, political officials, and religious, cultural and political personalities throughout the world of Islam. Another main point is the issue of the Zionist regime which has been planted in the heart of the world of Islam for the sake of creating discord, causing sedition and posing problems.

Jun 15, 2018

Despite the fact that the US is the cruellest and most merciless government in the world, it is an advocate of human rights in its propaganda! It is an advocate of the rights of the oppressed, it is an advocate of animal rights! Well, they should be disgraced. These things should be said. These things should be promoted at an international level. Notice what oppression they have committed against Palestine. In the present time, the Palestinians are subject to oppression and cruelty on a daily basis. It is one, two, ten, twenty, seventy years now that this oppression has been continuing and the Americans have been behind it. In the present time, they are behind it as well. Well, this should be explained.

Another example is their oppression of the Yemenis. In the present time, Yemen is being bombarded on a daily basis. The people are being bombarded, various places are being bombarded, markets are being bombarded, the infrastructure of the country is being bombarded. By whom? By the US allies who are approved by the Americans. It is the Americans who provide them with weapons. It is they who help them. They watch the scene delightfully and they do not raise the slightest objection and do not show the slightest frown on their faces. Of course, there are some people among them – for example, writers – who make some objections, but the US administration does not pay any attention to them at all. That is while they go and display some pieces of scrap iron with complete shamelessness and say that these pieces come from the missile given to the Yemeni fighters by Iran!

They make a groundless claim. Yemeni fighters and mujahids are under siege. It is not possible to give them anything. If it was possible, we would give them a hundred missiles – not one! But it is not possible to give them anything. They are oppressed: "Be an enemy of the oppressor and helper of the oppressed" [Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 47]. If you can help the oppressed, you should do so. We are standing firm. On the issue of the Resistance, the Americans decided to uproot the Resistance in West Asia and they were confident that they would accomplish this task. We are standing firm and we have said that we would not allow them to do so. Today, it is proven to everyone in the world that they wanted to do so, but that they failed and what we wanted to do so and we succeeded. Everyone in the world has understood this. Injustice should be confronted. This was about foreign injustice, but the same is true of domestic injustice and it is perhaps of higher priority because of a number of reasons.

Feb 8, 2018


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