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Trump's corpse will be worm food, while Iran will still be standing

The Iranian nation is an independent nation: a dear one. The previous rulers of this nation – Qajar and Pahlavi kings – took dignity away from it. They humiliated the people and held the people back. They [Qajar and Pahlavi] made the nation submit to the imposition of other powers. They [the Americans and the British] got used to this position and want the same advantage over the Iranian people again. Now, Islam, the Islamic Republic, the Islamic government, and the Islamic Revolution has arrived: this has given back dignity to the people. The people have stood firm--the enemy cannot tolerate it: This is what the fight is about[...] 

Therefore, what has happened – the inappropriate and absurd behaviour of the current US president – is not contrary to our expectations in any way. These are methods that they've used from the beginning. During the time of the former administration, they were doing similar via one approach, and, now, they are carrying them out in a different way. Before that too – during the time of Bush junior – they used to do these things differently as well. In every administration, they have shown their malice, enmity and viciousness against the Iranian nation, one way or another, and the people of Iran have stood up against all these administrations with complete power.

The bodies of several past presidents [of USA] have become worm food, and their bones have turned into dust, but the Islamic Republic has, thankfully, stood firm with complete power. The body of this man [Trump] will nourish worms and rodents, too, his bones will be dust, but the Islamic Republic will still be standing, stronger than ever: these statements cover my thoughts on the US.

Imam Khamenei, May 9, 2018


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