Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei’s fatwa: “Invading users’ privacy on social media is religiously forbidden.”

In a fatwa regarding the users’ privacy on social networks and internet messengers, Ayatollah Khamenei announced that an invasion of privacy is absolutely forbidden according to Islamic jurisprudence.

While meeting with a group of government managers and officials on April 9, 2018, Ayatollah Khamenei announced a fatwa regarding the privacy of users on social media  networks and internet messengers:
"The officials must safeguard the people's and the country’s security and privacy. Invading the privacy and security of the people is religiously forbidden, and against the Islamic law and must not be undertaken."


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  • 2018-04-27 23:04
    Finally someone sincere to us spoke of our rights on social media. Vultures like Whatsapp, facebook. Instagram and their likes are always preying on our privacy. Wish more and more people could break off from this curse which social media brings along: the curse of losing all privacy to those who are least of sincere to us