Ayatollah Khamenei

The people have always entered the arena whenever the country needed them

The following is the full text of a speech delivered on January 9, 2018 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, during a meeting with the people of Qom. The meeting was held on the anniversary date of an uprising led by the people of Qom on January, 9th 1978.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his immaculate and chosen household--those who guide the guided--especially the one remaining with Allah on earth.

Welcome dear brothers and dear sisters, the courageous and valorous people of Qom, honorable clergy and esteemed scholars [ulama]. Every year, the 9th of January (19th of Dey on the Persian calendar) delivers good news to this humble person that I am going to meet with such pious, courageous, and honorable people.

Qom is full of motivation, full of hope. Qom is hopeful and generates hope for others. Qom is a revolutionary city; and its people are definitely a revolutionary people of our country. Since the 9th of January 1978--a time we heard about events in Qom from a distance while no other events occurred in the country, in terms of gatherings led by the people and excitement, when the people of Qom staged an uprising, exhibited resistance, and gained martyrs--until today, now that forty years have passed, Qom has continued its eternal movement on the straight path.

As you witnessed this year, the people of Qom held a particular demonstration that is traditionally held annually, throughout the country, on January 9th. However, they were not entirely satisfied with their efforts; therefore, they held another enthusiastic demonstration and launched another great movement on the 3rd of January.

This exemplifies what our people have always been saying. Our dear people from various classes in society, from various cities, and our youth resound the same message that the Revolution and the Islamic government does: the epitome of resistance against aggression and the refusal to give in to the imposition of certain powers [powers of arrogance]. In the course of so many years, the people have been reiterating one message. Today, too, after the passage of 40 years, our people follow the same logic, the same path and the same goal. However, they are more experienced and more skilled today.

As for motivation, if our youth are not more motivated than the youth of those days, they are at least just as motivated. Moreover, they are greater in number. Today, the pious and motivated youth, who are prepared to sacrifice themselves in dangerous arenas, are several times greater, in number, than our youth during the victory of the Revolution and in the first years after the Revolution: this is the constant of our country.

Of course, I always make such statements, and there is always some evidence provided. However, what occurred over these past few days was clear and concrete proof of the matter. As I said earlier, since the 30th of December--when the fireworks and mischievous acts had just begun, I will expand on this matter later on–-the people of Iran began a movement throughout the country. They launched this movement in both small and big cities. Later on, when they came to realize that the enemies' mercenaries would not stop what they were doing, they (the righteous people of Iran) repeated that demonstration unceasingly and on a daily basis.

Since the 3rd of January, they held those demonstrations in Qom, in Ahwaz, in Hamadan and in Kermanshah. And they continued those demonstrations on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th in various cities and in large cities, including Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tabriz. These are not ordinary events: such events do not exist anywhere else in the world. I am well informed on this. This great, coherent, popular people’s movement against the enemy’s plots, with such discipline, awareness, and enthusiasm, is unique among the world, and it continues for forty years now--not one, two, or five years.

This nation’s fight is a fight against anti-nation forces; Iran’s fight is a fight against anti-Iranian forces; Islam's fight is one against anti-Islam forces: these struggles have continued till this day; and they will, of course, continue from now on. However, the people's engagement in combat, resistance, and exhibition of steadfastness has not caused them to ignore the other dimensions and angles of life. On the contrary, your young adults and your children have achieved scientific breakthroughs. Your representatives have accomplished great feats, for the dignity of the Iranian nation, within the country and throughout the region. The people have demonstrated that they are a dynamic, enthusiastic and a Godly nation, God will help as well.

In fact, all actions that the enemies have waged against us, during the past forty years, are counter-attacks against the Islamic Revolution. The Revolution uprooted the enemies’ political position in the country; now, they (the enemy) launch counter attacks, frequently, and are defeated each time. The enemy tries, yet cannot advance because of powerful resistance: by a strong popular and national fortress. Once again, the people shouted out to USA, to England, and to the London-based opposition: "You’ve failed again, and you will continue to fail!"

They [Western government] have spent billions of dollars: this is indisputably the case; they have created networks and gathered mercenaries, for several years, in order to be able to create a problem from within the country. --They did not disclose such information before. Today, American officials, whose naivetés in political affairs are evident, gave themselves away by revealing that they cannot challenge Iran from the outside; thus they must destroy it from the inside out. This is what they have been trying to accomplish for several years: creating networks and mercenaries; after that, bleeding dependent regional governments dry in order to cover the expenses. They enter the region and visit a certain wealthy government in the Persian Gulf, then they bleed them to the bone [the wealthy government] in order to cover expenditures here and elsewhere.

They [the enemy] made an attempt to recycle fugitive rubbish from within Iran and help them enter the arena again--if they could be recycled. They have created thousands of virtual networks; they have launched tens of TV channels via satellite; they have created terrorists and bomb squads; they helped them infiltrate our borders–whether from southeastern or northwestern areas of our country–and they have dropped bombs, made up of lies, slander, and rumor, upon our people with the hopes of brainwashing the people, particularly, our newly-blossomed youth. They sought to influence the minds of our young: the youth who neither saw Imam and our well-known martyrs, nor witnessed the Revolution and the Sacred Defense Era.

But what was the result? The result was Shahid Hojjaji–the dear Shahid from Najafabad–and others who were martyred in the past two to three days! All these individuals were among the same youthful generation. And the enemies also coveted to tempt certain individuals within the country [Iran] and infiltrate certain centers. Of course, they [the enemy mercenaries] themselves entered the arena directly. You’ve witnessed the interferences of US officials, in recent days, through Internet networks and the like--I will expand on this matter later on--however, they failed again. They were frustrated despite all those efforts.

I deem it necessary to thank our dear people. I should thank them a thousand times, not only once. The people are truly a courageous, loyal, insightful and determined people who are aware of the developments of the times and the moment. They know when to move. On Thursday, those events began in Mashhad; and, on Saturday, an astonishing demonstration was held. Perhaps it is several years now, that such a massive demonstration had not been organized in Mashhad which embodied such zeal and exhilaration.

After that, some scattered moves were made for a couple of days, which all of you are aware of. After the 3rd of January and until the 7th, the people entered the arena five days in a row, at least. The people's loyalty and awareness, during this time, and the fact that they had insight of the enemies every movement is praiseworthy. Well, others received these messages. Of course, in their [the enemies’] propaganda, they portrayed hundreds of vandals and thugs by the thousands, but they described the millions of people marching, in vast demonstrations, as small groups comprised of only a few thousand! They portray this image in their propaganda, but they know the reality. The possessors of political platforms see the reality, but they do not reveal it.

The people have carried out their duties: they have exerted their influence, and they struck fear into the hearts of enemy politicians with this great movement that they have launched. The people have indeed raised their insight to its peak: they have risen to their peak; and they have perfectly shown their ambition in recent days.

Additionally, various analyses, presented by individuals and organizations, were proposed over the course of these few days. All of these analytical works, printed in newspapers and appearing on internet networks, carried an accurate, common theme: one which allows the legitimate and genuine demands of one group of people to be distinguished from the brutal and destructive actions of another group. The two must be distinguished from one another. That a person is deprived of a right and objects to it, or that protesters–-hundreds of people—come together and gather to express their concerns, is one thing; and that a number of the people from this gathering misuse this motive--to insult the Quran, to insult Islam, to insult the flag, to burn down Mosques and commit sabotage or set the country on fire--is another thing. These are two distinct scenarios, and they should not be muddled.

The people’s demands, appeals and protests have always existed in this country, and they exists today. For instance, some problematic financial institutions and organizations have made some people very dissatisfied. One year or more has passed since we were made aware of these issues, I receive news frequently, regarding these matters. Some people gather [in protests] in certain cities, in front of this or that financial institute, governor's office or city council building. Such things exists. They have always existed, and they exist today as well. And no one is opposed to such moves. These demands should be tended to and listened to, and we should respond within the scope of our capabilities.

Of course, there might be a few illegitimate demands among a list of demands; however, all of us should follow-up on ones that are legitimate and straightforward. I am not saying that “only others must follow-up” on them: I myself hold responsibility as an official; therefore, all of us should pursue the demands of the people. I will elaborate more specifically with officials when I meet with them. This is only one issue: such things do not justify attempts to burn the country’s flag; to take advantage of other people's social gatherings; to yell at others for their beliefs; to abuse the Quran; to turn against Islam and the Islamic Republic.

I will inform you on another matter: these events entailed a force with a distinct triangle pattern [or scheme]. Events did not emerge overnight; but they have been carefully organized. My knowledge is based on information from sources of intelligence. Now, some of this evidence is transparent, some stems from their own statements, and part of it has been obtained through intelligence operations.

The pyramidal like scheme was devised by the US and Zionists. They have been plotting for many months. Their plan was to begin in smaller cities, eventually they would move towards the center to provoke enough people to carry out their demands. The money [to finance the scheme] was provided by one of these filthy rich governments around the Persian Gulf [Audience Laughs]. Well, these plots are costly. This take a lot of money; and the USA is not willing to spend money while such convenient accomplices exists. Hence, the money was made available to them. This completes two sides of the triangle pattern.

The third angle consists of the USA’s submissive, munafeqeen (hypocrites): Mohajhedeen-E-Khalq Organization, or the murderous MEK. They were the henchmen. They were prepared months ago: the media of MEK admitted this; they said, recently, that they were in contact with Americans, some months ago, to carry out U.S.’s orders: to organize their plots [riots], meet with this or that person, find and identify individuals inside the country to help them fan out to the people. It was they [MEK] who summoned up certain people, encouraging them to chant slogans like "No to High Prices.”

They began with a slogan [to catch attention] in opposition to high prices. Well, this is a slogan that everyone likes. They sought to attract some people with this message, then enter the center of the arena to pursue their malicious goals and attract followers. That was their initial goal.

What people did, however, is this: first, some people came to streets--though not a great number; and, just as they saw behind the façade of the enemy, and soon as their slogans became clear, the people separated their lines. The same people, who on Thursday and Friday had participated in the demonstrations for pursuing a demand of "No to High Prices," participated in the greater demonstration led by the people [the righteous people] on the 3rd of January, now chanting slogans against the enemy infiltrators. They chanted slogans against the US and against the munafeqeen (hypocrites), alike. Indeed, the people drew distinctive lines.


The enemies formed two headquarters in areas neighboring Iran; they admitted this through their own confessions. They [the enemy] did not confess these details inside the country; rather those who gave these things away, and those who made certain statements throughout media, said that two command centers, one for cyberspace and the other for managing seditions, have been set up by Americans and agents of the Zionist regime in areas neighboring Iran. They themselves acknowledged this. In other words, they had preplanned everything; and they thought that a victory would be definite: "Praise belongs to God who made our enemies among the fools," [quoting a hadith in Arabic]. Thank God!

Despite all these incessant events, they failed to understand the people. They still do not understand what this firm barrier of national faith, national resistance, and national courage means. They have not reached the depths of its meaning. That is while the wretched and miserable individuals inside the country said on the one hand, ‘My life be sacrificed for the sake of Iran,’ on the other hand, they burned the flag of Iran! The fools did not understand that these two actions simply cannot go together. Well, we hope that you (MEK) die for Iran! But, when have you stood up to the enemies of Iran? Those who have always stood against the enemy of Iran are the devout, believing, and revolutionary people. Who were the 300,000 martyrs of the Holy Defense era? They were these believing and revolutionary men who defended their country. When have you (MEK) died for Iran, that you shout ‘My life be sacrificed for the sake of Iran’? Is this not a sign of witlessness, inexperience, and naiveté?

As for the United States government, it’s now angry, extremely furious. With whom are they angry? They are not only angry at this humble person. They are angry with everyone and everything: angry with the Iranian people, angry with the Iranian government, and angry with the Revolution of Iran. And why is that? Because it was defeated by this massive, retaliatory movement.

Now, the US officials have resorted to talking nonsense; the president of the United States said, “The Iranian government fears its very own people!” This is not the case. The Iranian government was born by their people: it belongs to their people; it is created by the Iranian people and relies upon them. Why should they fear their own people? If the people were not there, no Islamic government would exists! If this government has stood against you for 40 years, it has done so with the help of these people. It was the people who managed to help the government gain enough strength to stand against you.

He [Trump] says that the Iranian government is afraid of U.S.’ power. So, if we are “afraid” of you, how did we expel you from Iran in the late 1970s and expel you from the entire region in the 2010s? He says that the people of Iran are hungry and that they need food. That is while according to their own statistics, there are 50 million hungry individuals in the US who need food assistance. Then, he says that the people of Iran are hungry! The people of Iran have lived with honor and dignity. By Allah's favor and grace, and with divine assistance, they will improve on a daily basis; and their economic problems will be eliminated despite your [the enemy’s] foolish desires.

The US president expresses his concern! During the past five-six days, he has expressed his opinions almost every day [Audience laughs]. He expresses his concern about the Iranian government's reaction towards the protesters. He says, "We do not know what the Iranian government does to these protesters." Do you not feel ashamed? [Audience laughs] In the course of just one year, your police have murdered eight hundred of your own people! Is it not shocking to see that in one country, within just one year, the police--which should normally guarantee the people's safety--have killed eight hundred individuals? You are the ones [US government] that used whatever means possible to suppress your nation during the Occupy Wall Street movement. You kicked and beat at people, and you murdered individuals with the slightest suspicion and doubt. Once, there was a young mother who was driving in her car near the White House; the police became suspicious and murdered her in front of her child! These events have taken place in the US unceasingly.

As for England, the officials of malicious England have expressed their "concern" as well. Regarding, the issue of attacks against Muslims–when Muslims try to defend themselves, this happened lately--an English judge ruled: if a Muslim holds a stone, but does not throw it, he will be imprisoned for four years; but if he throws it, he will be imprisoned for seven years. This is your judge! The rulers who absorb the judges' verdicts and police behavior, as seen in Hollywood movies, think that western judiciary systems actually work like that. They should reflect on these statements [of their own people]: an English judge ruled that if you hold up a stone but do not throw it, you will be imprisoned for four years; but if you throw it, you will be imprisoned for seven years. If you make a Molotov cocktail and hold it up, but do not throw it, you will be imprisoned for seven years; but if you throw it, you will be imprisoned for 15 years. They treat their own people like this! Meanwhile they have turned into “advocates” for protesters in Iran, lest they are treated in an oppressive manner!

It is clear what their ultimate goal is: overthrowing the Islamic Republic [of Iran]. Of course, the former US government did not reveal this, openly, and used to say the opposite, but their goals were one in the same. The former administration used to insist and repeat that they believed in the Islamic Republic. Its president wrote a number of letters to me, repeating the notion that they believed in the Islamic Republic. However, we could see what they were up to. When one's eyes are open, one understands things. Their behavior was typical of those who hold intentions of overthrowing a government.

As for the current administration, they express their intentions openly and without any consideration. They announce that they should overthrow the Islamic Republic. What is their plan? Their ploy includes taking away from the means of the Islamic Republic's national power. National power has certain means: one of the most important, among those means of national power, is the people's emotions or public opinion; which moves in the direction of the wellbeing and interests of the nation and the government. This is the importance of public opinion, but they want to take it away from the Islamic Republic.

Another one of our means—I am mentioning these means for a specific reason, because they keep speaking about this--is our presence in the region. The powerful presence of the Islamic Republic, within the region, is a crucial element of national power. It reveals that the people are just as powerful as they are. They [the enemies] want to destroy this. A certain European president [French President Emmanuel Macron] – the Americans do not dare speak about negotiations with us – declares that they want to discuss Iran's presence in the region. Well, actually, we should discuss your presence in the region! Why do you yourselves want to be present in this region? This is a means of national power; they want to take it away from the Islamic Republic.

Another means of national power is the country's defensive power; they yearn to strip this away, too, from the Islamic Republic. The reason why you see them create such uproar, striking up such fuss over the issue of [Iran's] missiles, is due to this. If a nation manages to send a proper response to one who launches a missile from a distance, well this is power. Today, the Islamic Republic has this power, but they want the Islamic Republic not to have it. They want to take away from our means of national power.

One of the most important means of national power is our pious youth. They want to eliminate the strong faith of our young. It is the pious youth who maintain vigilance on the issue of nuclear energy, on scientific achievements, on the issue regarding nanotechnology, on matters regarding Royan [stem-cell research] and other scientific issues. It is they who endured many hardships, so that they can complete their scientific achievements: such is the position of our pious youth. They are our virtuous youth, and we know many of them personally. However, they want remove the faith and strong will from our pious youth. They want to take away their determination.

Now, I would like to mention a few points so that my speech does not become too lengthy. One issue is addressed to the Americans. First of all, you excellences who rule over the US, this time you hit your head against a brick wall; and you may wish to repeat your actions; but, you should realize that you will hit your head against that brick wall again. Secondly, you brought damage upon Iran, in recent days, and you might try to cause some damage in the future; however, you should know that your actions will not be left without a response.

Thirdly, the individual who is in charge of that country [USA] should realize, despite the fact that he is an unstable man [Audience Laughs]--presently, they are speaking about his psychotic episodes and the fact that he needs psychiatric treatment--and the officials of the US government, and those around them, should know that these psychotic outburst will gain a response. The Islamic Republic will stand firm on the basis of its beliefs and principles. It will defend its nation and its interests, and it will not give in to aggression and the like.

As for those who like to make friends with U.S. agents--whether outside or whether, unfortunately, some inside--they must also know that this system is stands strong: it will resolve all shortcomings and problems. This government has the capability to do so, and it will do so by Allah's favor.

I have a matter to take up with our own government officials–of course, it includes this humble person as well–political personalities, and those active in political affairs: ones who think, write and take action. This is addressed to all of the above mentioned individuals and government officials: first of all, we spoke about the foreign enemy; the points that we raised were not assumptions. They were real and based on reliable sources and information. The foreign enemy does exists, but this should not give us the right to ignore our own shortcomings. We have some disadvantages. There are certain problems and complaints with our work. It is not that we are without any problem, that we are perfect, and that all problems come from the foreign enemy: this is not the case.

If a fly is perched on a wound, you should heal that wound. You should not allow the wound to fester. If we are without domestic problems, then these networks will not be able to exert any influence and the US will not be able to move one inch!  We should resolve our problems on our own. We should resolve domestic problems. We should eliminate the weak points. We do have some weak points. Defending the rights of the oppressed is a responsibility for all of us, in particular, defending the weak and the rights of the people; and, especially, defending the rights of the underprivileged classes among society is responsibility of ours, too.

Everyone should be vigilant. There are certain classes of society which enjoy welfare. Problems resulting from livelihood conditions do not pressure them; but there is an important group of people, in the country [Iran], which are under pressure because of livelihood conditions. The intention, shared among us all, should be to help them get away from this pressure. Our efforts should be focused on helping them.

Another issue is that the three main branches of government should identify the problems of the country and focus on each and every one of them. We should list the problems of the country. We might have 10-15 fundamental problems. We should document them and divide up the tasks amongst us and focus on them. We must make time for resolving these problems. I have organized several meetings for social detriments. It is two, two and a half years now that we have been organizing meetings, from time to time, with the high-ranking and senior officials of the country–including ministers, members of parliament, the officials in charge of certain organizations, the three government branch superiors and other such officials–for resolving social detriments.

We speak about and discuss social detriments in those meetings. In those meetings, I have said to the gentlemen that they should divide up the tasks for each of those existing problems. Of course, to be fair, they have made good progress on some of the tasks, and they have moved forward. They have focused on certain matters, and they have worked on them and have advanced. We do not have any problem in the country which is insoluble. We do not have any knot which cannot be untied. We do not have any such issues. Everyone should come to this realization: all these knots can be untied. However, we should be more prepared and focused, and we should work harder and more carefully.

The next point is that everyone should come together. All officials of the country should come together and unite. Of course, every sector within the country has a scope of responsibility, on the basis of which it should have an explanation for its actions. One particular sector does not control other sectors. We know this. The Islamic Consultative Majlis, the Judiciary Branch, the Executive Branch, and other divisions and organizations each have a scope of responsibility. The affairs of other sectors are not related to the others, and they are not questioned for them, but this is particular to ordinary times. When you see that the enemy is threatening you–an obstinate and stubborn enemy–and that he creates certain problems inside the country, with his plots, then everyone should join hands and maintain a sense of togetherness [unity].

I am addressing everyone on this: officials and the political organizations of the country. Everyone should cooperate, work together, and develop off one another. They should not exhaust each other. It should not be the case that one says something with the aim of undermining the other person, and then that other person says something else with the same purpose. They should add on to each other.

The Islamic government is united. The Islamic Republic is a united system. Although all divisions have separate responsibilities, the Islamic government is one government: the executive branch belongs to the same government; the judiciary branch belongs to the same government; the legislative branch belongs to the same government; the Armed Forces, security forces and scientific organizations belong to the same government; everyone works together.

The next point is that everyone should consider the law as the main standard. We will suffer a loss and receive blows with lawlessness. You noticed what happened in the year 2008. What was the reason for the loss that the country suffered in the year 2008? During that year, we suffered material losses, and our reputation, throughout the world, was endangered: the reason was lawlessness. We said to them that they should act on the basis of the law because the law is transparent. You say that there are certain problems with the elections. Very well, the law is clear about how to resolve the matter when there are some problems with elections. We said to them that everyone should act according to the law, but they did not. They did not submit to the law, and they violated it.

Well, they created some problems: they created problems for the country, for themselves, and for the people. They continued stirring up insecurities and various other problems in a row, which lasted for seven, eight months. This is because of refusal to submit to the law. I advise, insist, and demand that all organizations submit to the law!

Another point is that, although criticisms and issuing warnings are good and necessary, they should not make a mountain out of a molehill while constructing criticism and issuing warnings. We have several thousand managers in the executive branch. Out of these several thousand managers, ten to twelve, for example, might be corrupt. If we exaggerate, magnify the figures and extend it to all managers, then when our youth hear these things, from you and from me, they will have every right to be disappointed and say, "Wow, all managers have this problem." Meanwhile the reality is another thing: out of these several hundred or several thousand executive and judiciary agents, there might be a few corrupt individuals.

The same is true of the judiciary branch. All these honorable and diligent judges are busy working, and there are certainly a few dishonest judges as well. We know this. This has been the case at all times. In the present time, too, this is the case. And they confront such corrupt individuals. These corrupt individuals are going to be confronted in the executive branch. They are also going to be confronted in the judiciary branch. And the ones in the legislative branch–in the Majlis--are going to be confronted as well. Imagine that there is one, two MPs--from among 200, 300 MPs--who do not carry out their duties and who act otherwise. This cannot be extended to all MPs. So, if we intend to issue warnings and be critical, we should be fair. It should not be that we exaggerate, extend it [corrupt behavior] to everyone and paint a dark picture of things. Painting a dark picture of things means making a mountain out of a molehill. This is the meaning of painting a dark picture of things.

The next point is that the officials of the country should attach significance to the issue of employment and production as we named this year "The Year of National Production and Employment.” These are key matters. This is primarily addressed to executive officials. Of course, other officials might have a role as well. I have frequently discussed the problem of imports with the honorable officials in the executive branch. Some people complain that I do not issue warnings in regards to this; but this is not the case: I have issued many warnings. When you see that I say something in public, this is not even one tenth of my advice, serious criticisms and warnings to gentlemen in the executive branch. In government meetings, I often issue many warnings and make many demands.

It is not that I am unaware of the events in the country. Some people say that I am not aware of such and such an issue. I must be ten times as well-informed as the people on certain social, public and fundamental matters, and, thankfully, this is the case. Numerous reports from different places–from popular, executive, official and non-official sources--are sent to me. I explore and I become aware with the events and with the problems. What I am aiming for is that these key matters are to be pursued and attended to. The issue of employment is one of these key issues. If there are enough job opportunities, many of these instances of social corruption and detriments will be eliminated. Many of these instances of deviance stem from youth unemployment rate.

If we want to create employment, we should attach significance to the issue of production, and we should move domestic production forward with correct methods and precise policies. Splurging on cash will not get us anywhere. We should calculate and act carefully. Thankfully, all the officials in the judiciary branch are chasing these matters. They are pursuing them, God willing. I too will help them as much as I can, so, by Allah's favor, we will produce results.

The next point is that our police and security officials, our Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and our Basij carried out their duties in a satisfactory manner during these events; and the high-ranking officials of the country thanked them. I would like to thank them similarly. However, it should be noted that a young adult or teenager, who is in a state of excitement and confusion due to the influence of a certain internet network, who makes a certain move and utters certain words, is different from a person who is in contact with certain organizations and who is among their henchmen. They should not consider these two as equals.

Moreover, some people mention students: there is no difference between students and the others. Thankfully, our academic environment is one of the best and healthiest environments. Today, we have several million students who are busy studying, researching, and working. Our universities have not had any problems. Now, a few individuals might have created problems for themselves in these events, but they should not involve students without any reason. If someone really committed a crime, there is no difference between the clergy and students, turban-wearers and non-turban-wearers, educated and non-educated individuals.

However, the officials in charge should differentiate between an individual whom, as I pointed out, overreacts by making a certain move or statement, as a result of the excitement that they get from cyberspace, and a person who is in contact with the American network of henchmen and munafeqeen. They are not similar to one another. This is another point: we should enlighten and speak to the group first, but if someone commits murder or an act of vandalism in Dorud, Tuyserkan and Khomenishahr, this is another issue. They are not similar to one another (an overreacting teen and a criminal). These were our statements delivered to certain officials.

I would like to discuss two, three points with our dear people, too–and, of course, all these statements were addressed to them. I would like to say to the people: May God be satisfied with you because you exemplified good performance.  In the course of all these years, whenever the country needed you, you entered the arena without any expectations and in an insightful manner. Our dear people behaved exceptionally. I hope that God will shower His blessings, his mercy, and grace on this nation.

You put yourselves at risk, and you saved this country. It was the people of Iran who saved this country. The people saved the country both during the events of the Sacred Defense Era and on political and scientific matters. It was your youth who moved science forward. As I pointed out, most members in the organizations that have made scientific breakthroughs are the people's youth. All of them are the people's youth. It is your youth who are doing great scientific works.



Your presence has given credibility to the country. Whenever the people's presence is necessary--including the 22nd of Bahman, Quds Day, and in events like the 3rd of January and the like--the people show their presence. You have given dignity and credibility to the country. The people's presence has managed to exert influence whenever their presence has been necessary: including elections and in various rallies. It is you who have preserved the dignity of the country.

What you need to pay attention to is that, today, one of the most important measures that our enemies adopt is spreading rumors. As I mentioned earlier, the public opinion of the people is a means of national power. What do they do in order to change public opinion? They spread lies and rumors. First of all, you should not spread the enemy's rumors. When we hear a nonsensical statement from such and such a person, we should not discuss it in five, six places. Well, this is what the enemy wants. So, you should not do it. We should not repeat the rumors that have been spread by the enemy. And we should not believe them either. As long as there is not a reliable document and a convincing or cogent reason, we should not believe the enemy's statements.

Another point is that everyone should know that the senior officials of the country hard at work. If we feel that officials are sleeping, or that they are not working, this thought is not correct. I have witnessed this up close. I see these things. Senior officials are working within the scope of their capabilities. Of course, there are certain weaknesses and shortcomings. I do not deny this. This humble person, too, has certain weaknesses and shortcomings, and I hope that God will forgive me. However, officials are working and endeavoring diligently. If some rumor is spread that these efforts are of no use and that they cannot do anything, as everything is "blocked,” this is not the case. Some problems are on the verge of being resolved. Some can be resolved, and some take time to resolve. These points should receive attention. When we look at many problems from a distance; we easily solve them; but when we get close, we will see that it’s not that simple.

I remember that during the time of Imam Khomeini’s life (may God bestow blessings on him), some individuals used to go to him and complain about certain executive officials. At that time, I was president. They used to complain about me, the prime minister, and another minister. They used to say that those individuals should have done something, but they did not. Imam used to listen, and when they finished making their statements, Imam would say, "Managing the country is difficult." And it was really so difficult. This is a difficult task. It is not easy. It requires effort and creativeness. It requires being up-to-date and acting on time. It requires physical and mental preparedness. Well, our officials have either directly or indirectly been elected by the people, and they are working hard. They should be helped. Everyone should help officials so that they can carry out their jobs efficiently.

Of course, I do issue out warnings. As I said, what I say in public does not constitute even one tenth of what I discuss with the gentlemen behind closed doors. Sometimes, I issue warnings, and sometimes, I have heated arguments with them. I usually discuss various matters, but as I said, we do this within the scope of our capabilities.

I would like to say this to everyone: I have, genuinely, cherished religious democracy. We truly believe in religious democracy. We consider everyone who has been elected by the people as the chief and as the official in charge. We consider helping them as essential, and we consider it our responsibility. This has been the case with all administrations, including the current one. I have helped all administrations. Of course, I do not interfere in their minor tasks and in their special duties, but I help all of them. I have helped this honorable administration as well.

And my hopes and outlook towards the future of this country are very bright. I know that it is the will of Allah, the Exalted, to help this nation reach its peak. You should know that by Allah's favor, and with the blessedness of Islam and the Islamic government, the people of Iran will, undoubtedly, reach the highest positions that befit a people as great as the people of Iran. And you should know that the enemies’ plots, acts of sabotage, attacks and strikes will not exert an impact [on Iran]: the enemy will be fruitless, in a real sense of the word.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy,



  • 2018-01-14 08:47
    Long live Khamenei,long live Iran,down with US,down with Israel, down with Zionist